Monday, February 20, 2017

Good Morning again

First things: turn the pot the curtains...behold the glory that is before many even rise!

Good morning, as clouds streak across the sky;
as the sun opens up a lazy eye...
as the song resounds from little birds,
I hear their melody and find the words!

Good morning--and the day be filled with "good!"

I pray such as the optimist, I would!
I pray such as my Father tells me to,
knowing that, His part, He'll surely do!

Good morning, to each one to read this word!
I pray victory in your lives be occurred!
Not because "it just happened that way,"
but because He has a purpose for your day!

Good morning.
God is right here to greet me.  I make us some coffee and we talk about the peace, the calm and the beauty of the day. 
We also talk about a few people who need His touch today.
And we converse about what He has purposed for me to accomplish before we sit and talk again this afternoon.
Don't forget to converse with Him before YOU start the day.  It will be filled with His victory when you do!

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