Tuesday, February 14, 2017

For Who She Is

Valentine's Day.
It's not "Black Friday" for restaurants!
It's a wonderful opportunity to show the one you love just how special they are to you. 
How is this done?  "...o let me count the ways!"

"Too often have I taken you for granted.
Not enough do I express your worth.
Your value--not too many understand it!
In my life, you generate such mirth!
Even words--I have a trove availed,
and so many that pertain to you;
whenever I assemble them about you,
know that they are from a heart so true!

Flowers...candy...gifts that are expensive...
even just a card with humble verse...
you are happy with whatever I give,
even if it turns out for the worse!
How can I have a Valentine so happy?!
How can you be content, my love, with me?!
I love you...even if I'm late with blessing.
With you alone do e'er I want to be!"

My loving wife.  Gift from God.  There are so many things that she does better than I.  There are even many things that she does that I cannot do at all!  But that's not why I love her.  All those things are WHAT she is.  I love her for WHO she is...and for who I become when she is with me!

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