Tuesday, February 7, 2017


As Jesus accompanies me through the day, I stop for a moment to write down a few words...

Afternoon with Jesus-
time that has no price!
Anything we do together
surely will suffice!
He has a purpose for it all-
and His Will be done.
and now, He's making color in
the setting of the sun!

Just moments before evening
with colors so alive,
I give that time to Jesus and
He causes it to thrive!
We sit together and converse
as colors come and go;
in the time we spend there is
much healing for to know!

Afternoon so special
with perfect company!
Listening to His words, so much
better I can see!
He helps me understand the day
as it approaches end.
So blessed am I to be with Jesus-

The colors are gone now from the sky.  Stars so slowly open their eyes.  But Jesus remains.  He is always with me.  He never leaves.
Ask Him to accompany you through the day.  He would love to.  I promise!

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