Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Divine Gifts

God's gifts to us.  To each and every one of us who call Him "Father."  I hate to use the term "take advantage of" because of certain connotations.  Rather, how many of us enjoy and include those gifts in our everyday lives?

O let me take for granted not

the privilege I know:
my relationship with God
and, to Him, I can go!
The conversation that we have
but all throughout the day-
it is conversation, it is
NEVER "words one-way!"

I do not take for granted that
relationship so real!
I may be yet a servant but,
His heart, I hear and feel.
He shares it with me constantly,
He even knows my own!
Everything about my life
unto Him it is known!

How very blessed and fortunate
are we in such a day.
Able, with Almighty God,
our lives for to convey!
We have The Word, Jesus Christ,
and Holy Spirit, too!
We are without excuse that day
He asks myself and you!

The Blood of Jesus and the power of Holy Spirit.  Two realities that the people of Old Testament times were without.  But I know too many people who only talk to God when something's wrong!  They're missing out on a very glorious Gift!!
Divine Gifts.  What are we doing with "them?"
How are we making the most of Their Presence?
Are we even aware of and acknowledging Them?

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