Thursday, February 9, 2017


That time of worship again.
He is worthy of it all the time, but there are moments that leave the task for a few minutes and worship Him...

"When I fix my sight upon

the wonder of Your grace...
when I catch a vision of
the beauty of Your face...
when I stand in awe and watch
eternal hosts adore,
I am compelled to shut my mouth-
the silence then to roar!
Nothing for to add unto
the symphony above
harmonizing 'round the One
Whose very Name I love!
In fact, am I compelled to do
the same and enter in-
all praise and adoration,
exaltation to begin!"

For the moment, only to
delight in such a sight!
Gratitude, so very deep,
that I possess the right!
Glory hallelujah!  Yes,
all glory to arise
unto the One upon the throne
just there beyond the skies!

Take a moment and see what I see, then join me, won't you?  There is plenty of room and He is certainly worthy of EVERYONE'S praise!


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