Thursday, February 16, 2017

Complete Trust

So complicated.
So many issues to take care of.
So many things to work out before we can go forward
So much for us to....wait a minute....this ain't about ME!!  All of this is in Bigger Hands!  And I KNOW that He can handle it!

Something has come up that will
require many things.
I do not have to take on all
the worry that it brings!
I only have to fully give
control into His hands-
for He can handle what comes up
and all that it demands!

Resting in the knowledge
God is in complete control.
What relief unto the heart
and peace unto the soul!
Victory will be the sum-
for victory is NOW!
He will work each detail out
in His time somehow.

So grateful for HIS peace.
The stress may I release.
He knows.  He knows it all!
The Name of God I call!

We cannot see it now.  But in His time He will reveal to us what must be done and how.  We will do our part.  God will do the rest!

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