Monday, February 6, 2017


Sunday afternoon.
This is not the kind of place you want to NEED to be at.
The need is, however, so we wait our turn...

In a mass of people

in a massive place
seeking care for everything,
seeking folks with grace;
knowing God has placed this here,
knowing He's here too;
folks here wait their turn because
they know what to do.

Sitting in a waiting room,
praying for each one.
The Blood of Jesus will suffice!
His will, His will be done!
For there is power in the Blood,
power in His Name!
He knows what He is doing and
He knows why we came.

And grows the mass of people

as the moments pass;
people hurting...people crying...
Aware, though, is The Healer
of any and of all;
as I look across the mass,
His holy Name, I call.


I don't want to be here for the reason that I am.  I would rather be here for these other people, reaching out, listening.

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