Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Beautiful Early!

First light of day.  Fortunate am I to be in this beautiful place!  You know what? Creator God is here, too!

Early morning in the sand;

so peaceful is the sea.
Here for to receive command
and all He says to me.
The waves--they seem to know, therefore,
they do not interfere;
they seem to know the solemnness
of Jesus with me here.
He's worthy of all worship, yet
He shares creation dear.
He's eager to participate
in all that goes on here!
We talk about the many birds
so busy early on;
ad I enjoy His time with me
before the moment's gone.

So gentle is the mighty ocean
far as we should walk...
so healing is the conversation
long as we should talk...
so welcome is His countenance
as we look at each other,
and fortunate am I, indeed,
my Savior is my Brother!

That precious time with Jesus...anywhere!  This most beautiful coastline...the stillness of the sea...the mountains to the left...all HIS grand and glorious creation!
Take time to notice His handiwork and converse with Him about it.  He is available anytime!

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