Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ways we talk

Have you ever been in a relationship that is so wonderful that words, sometimes, are unnecessary?  There are times that I am with God and it is that way...

Being with the One with sound

not any noise to make.
Communication deepens so
with every step we take!
Words and verses happen as
we slowly walk along;
and by the time that we get back,
somehow, we have a song!

I listen to His eyes-
life I recognize,
care I realize,
Love that satisfies!

His Presence is so very real
this evening as we walk.
Our conversation is much more
than word or even talk!
We say so much unto each other-
often without sound.
He makes it true, by looks and feel,
rapport is solid ground.

Of course, a lot of our communication is listening and talking.  But there are ways that are deeper and He desires them for all of us.

Don't ever limit God to your assumptions.  He is so much, much more!  (And don't ever stop talking to Him!)

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Finally, the weekend. 
Just sit around and recover from the week?
Get as much as you can done that cannot be done during the week?
Not this time...

Saturday is happening,

and at the speed of God.
As that unfolds which He ordained,
we praise Him and applaud.
Some which He has overseen
is pleasant not at all;
but most of it is victory
and He gets us involved!

Saturday--another day

of watching Him provide.
Another day to get involved
and work right by His side!
One more opportunity
to be what God may need-
to see a life in dire straits
and boldly intercede!

Saturday--so glorious

so early in the morn;
praying to the Lord in wonder
"this day what shall be born?"
Ready and available
for that which He has planned.
Saturday, in prayer and
awaiting His command!

Saturday morning.  Being awed by the glory of daybreak.  Being thrilled by the colors that seem to change with ever moment toward sunrise.  And being blessed with the Presence of Almighty God!  HE IS WORTHY!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Peace is real!

Can you truly say that from your heart?  After all, for it to be real, must it be FELT there, right?  No, it must be BELIEVED there!

How real is that peace that comes
from Jesus Christ alone!
So very deep inside the heart
that perfect peace be known!
That peace--it be an escort through
the trials of the day.
That peace--it be a transport with
the Truth, the Life, the Way.

That peace--so very, very real
and needed in the day.
Amidst the trials that abound...
amidst the endless fray...
amidst the busyness that is--
the hurry and the wait--
that peace is to surround this man
regardless of the gait!

That peace--it has one source alone:
Father, Son and Spirit.
I call for peace and He makes sure
I see it, feel it, hear it!
Life may tell us otherwise
but Peace directs the heart!
O trust the Truth, the Life, the Way
that real peace to impart!

Peace.  It is far more than a 'feeling.'  It is a state of the heart that stabilizes no matter what is going on around you.
Do you have that peace?  Do you have that Peace?  Jesus is both.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Coming to life

The Bible is full to overflowing with things that are so deep that some cannot even grasp them.  That may sound selfish or pointless, but that's the way a lot of people see God's Word: they open it up, read a few pieces, realize they don't understand it, then never open it again.
The Bible was intended to be light and life unto us all day long!  Those passages that make no sense at all to you now WILL MAKE SENSE as You mature in Christ, continue to read God's Word, and give Him a chance!
Some of the poems you read from this man may make no sense whatsoever...right now.  However, the closer you get to God, the more familiar you become with His Word, and the more personal you get with Jesus will certainly cause those Bible passages to come to life!  You will see how God plants a certain scripture in your heart and brings it to fruition later down the road.  Even these poems He gives me will come alive to HIS time. 
Don't give up!  Keep seeking and seeing God at work all around you.
I promise you, HE IS THERE!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Good Morning again

First things: turn the pot the curtains...behold the glory that is before many even rise!

Good morning, as clouds streak across the sky;
as the sun opens up a lazy eye...
as the song resounds from little birds,
I hear their melody and find the words!

Good morning--and the day be filled with "good!"

I pray such as the optimist, I would!
I pray such as my Father tells me to,
knowing that, His part, He'll surely do!

Good morning, to each one to read this word!
I pray victory in your lives be occurred!
Not because "it just happened that way,"
but because He has a purpose for your day!

Good morning.
God is right here to greet me.  I make us some coffee and we talk about the peace, the calm and the beauty of the day. 
We also talk about a few people who need His touch today.
And we converse about what He has purposed for me to accomplish before we sit and talk again this afternoon.
Don't forget to converse with Him before YOU start the day.  It will be filled with His victory when you do!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ozark Dusk

The middle of February and it is 65 degrees this evening?!  Sitting out on the porch, enjoying the glory of it all...

E’er incessant, oh the things

I do not understand.
An hour after dusk but, oh,
the spectrum o’er the land!
Yellow-white in front of me…
darker on the rise…
to purple there at 1:00
above me in the skies!

My Father, He could do all this
at only His command;
yet, very slowly ‘fore my eyes,
He does it with His hand!
Another masterpiece for me
to frame within the mind
to conjure in the nights ahead
when, such, I cannot find.

A perfect evening with incredible colors.  Not every night be such.  I shall, for certain, remember this, especially in the nights to come...the ones that bring several inches of snow!


Friday, February 17, 2017

Praise and Worship

Worshiping the Lord with adoration
because of Who He is--not what He does.
Feting is a constant celebration--
Who He'll be...Who He is...Who He was!
In prayer to Him I submit petitions,
knowing He is privy to the heart;
in worship, though, He gets all adoration-
celebration of HIM to impart!

I cannot worship Him with an agenda;
For He is God, and He can see right through!
I must adore Him with a purest motive-
such worship, it is very overdue!
Too often have I prayed out of convenience,
going to Him with a shopping list;
I must return to worshiping for ONE thing:

Praising Him is different than worship-
celebration vs. solemnness.
In praising Him we bless ourselves and each other,
in worship it is God alone we bless!
So, in the early, with creation silenced,
with my Father God do I commune.
All constraints are absent for the moment.
As I adore Him, from life I'm immune!

Splitting hairs?  I hope not.  I only have a few left. 
God is holy and He deserves our praise AND worship.  Each of them have purpose and benefits.  Get to know praise and worship intimately and have a greater relationship and appreciation of our Heavenly Father!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Complete Trust

So complicated.
So many issues to take care of.
So many things to work out before we can go forward
So much for us to....wait a minute....this ain't about ME!!  All of this is in Bigger Hands!  And I KNOW that He can handle it!

Something has come up that will
require many things.
I do not have to take on all
the worry that it brings!
I only have to fully give
control into His hands-
for He can handle what comes up
and all that it demands!

Resting in the knowledge
God is in complete control.
What relief unto the heart
and peace unto the soul!
Victory will be the sum-
for victory is NOW!
He will work each detail out
in His time somehow.

So grateful for HIS peace.
The stress may I release.
He knows.  He knows it all!
The Name of God I call!

We cannot see it now.  But in His time He will reveal to us what must be done and how.  We will do our part.  God will do the rest!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Divine Gifts

God's gifts to us.  To each and every one of us who call Him "Father."  I hate to use the term "take advantage of" because of certain connotations.  Rather, how many of us enjoy and include those gifts in our everyday lives?

O let me take for granted not

the privilege I know:
my relationship with God
and, to Him, I can go!
The conversation that we have
but all throughout the day-
it is conversation, it is
NEVER "words one-way!"

I do not take for granted that
relationship so real!
I may be yet a servant but,
His heart, I hear and feel.
He shares it with me constantly,
He even knows my own!
Everything about my life
unto Him it is known!

How very blessed and fortunate
are we in such a day.
Able, with Almighty God,
our lives for to convey!
We have The Word, Jesus Christ,
and Holy Spirit, too!
We are without excuse that day
He asks myself and you!

The Blood of Jesus and the power of Holy Spirit.  Two realities that the people of Old Testament times were without.  But I know too many people who only talk to God when something's wrong!  They're missing out on a very glorious Gift!!
Divine Gifts.  What are we doing with "them?"
How are we making the most of Their Presence?
Are we even aware of and acknowledging Them?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

For Who She Is

Valentine's Day.
It's not "Black Friday" for restaurants!
It's a wonderful opportunity to show the one you love just how special they are to you. 
How is this done?  "...o let me count the ways!"

"Too often have I taken you for granted.
Not enough do I express your worth.
Your value--not too many understand it!
In my life, you generate such mirth!
Even words--I have a trove availed,
and so many that pertain to you;
whenever I assemble them about you,
know that they are from a heart so true! that are expensive...
even just a card with humble verse...
you are happy with whatever I give,
even if it turns out for the worse!
How can I have a Valentine so happy?!
How can you be content, my love, with me?!
I love you...even if I'm late with blessing.
With you alone do e'er I want to be!"

My loving wife.  Gift from God.  There are so many things that she does better than I.  There are even many things that she does that I cannot do at all!  But that's not why I love her.  All those things are WHAT she is.  I love her for WHO she is...and for who I become when she is with me!

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Sometimes, each of us can fall into a rut.  Things so alive and enjoyable can become mere 'ritual'...if you let them.  Even in the church...

Come to life!  O come to life

ye who have known the same!
Come to life!  O come to life
all ye who call His Name!
O be alive instead of putting
on a front, fa├žade!
O come alive with that which you
get straight from Father God!!

Come to life and know the Life

that He intends for you!
He is holy!  He is mighty!
He is ever true!
He knows each purpose, each intent
of every single heart!
He has reality for you,
but YOU must make it start!

Come alive!  O come to life

all ye that call His Name!
He's greater than your 'anything,'
in Him there is no shame!
You are alive in Jesus Christ!!
He gives you all you need!
O come to Life and know the depths
He makes you to succeed!

There is life in Jesus Christ.  JESUS CHRIST IS LIFE!  Do not take Him for granted.  Do what Life is leading you to do!


Saturday, February 11, 2017


The weathermen have said that this would be an odd and extraordinary week.  They were right!  It's 9pm.  I am in the office, at the desk, and I can almost do all of my work by moonlight coming in through the window!  It's beautiful!

Illuminated--to degree
that I have never seen!
9:00 at night, and yet
so vivid be each scene!
In the silence of the wonder,
with Him I converse,
thanking Him profusely for
His awesome universe!

Once again, Creator God's
creations fill with awe!
Once again to come a sight
that never this man saw!
Once again, a memory to
enjoy and file away
until that time I pass it on--
His glory to convey!

Watch the news!  Don't let these days go by without beholding the moving and the workings of His hands!


Friday, February 10, 2017

O River of Forgiveness

The River of forgiveness--say,
how long to be the flow?
Not another place to be
such mercy for to know!
The Source of crimson emanating
from a wooden Cross...
the Life of which do some consider
yet to be a loss!
Oh, but a loss so temporary!
Long to be our gain!
As, for ALL sin, the One Who died there
bore the awful stain!
None be there to so compare
with Giver and with Gift--
each facet so to edify,
each facet so to lift!

"O River of forgiveness.  I
to know Your current e'er!
I--to be partaker solemn,
I--the same to share!
The key to Your reception be
Your application hence.
So let me be without excuse,
Your mercies, to dispense!"

The River of forgiveness--Jesus Christ!  The crimson flow of His Blood to cover all our sins.  And more, He even FORGETS them once we repent!
Have you been to the River?

Thursday, February 9, 2017


That time of worship again.
He is worthy of it all the time, but there are moments that leave the task for a few minutes and worship Him...

"When I fix my sight upon

the wonder of Your grace...
when I catch a vision of
the beauty of Your face...
when I stand in awe and watch
eternal hosts adore,
I am compelled to shut my mouth-
the silence then to roar!
Nothing for to add unto
the symphony above
harmonizing 'round the One
Whose very Name I love!
In fact, am I compelled to do
the same and enter in-
all praise and adoration,
exaltation to begin!"

For the moment, only to
delight in such a sight!
Gratitude, so very deep,
that I possess the right!
Glory hallelujah!  Yes,
all glory to arise
unto the One upon the throne
just there beyond the skies!

Take a moment and see what I see, then join me, won't you?  There is plenty of room and He is certainly worthy of EVERYONE'S praise!


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Morning in The Word

A beautiful winter morning.
Gathered with several beautiful people in His house, learning more about His Word.  Where are we all from?  That matters little.  What does matter is where we are going: CLOSER to Jesus!

More about Jesus, His will and His ways;
this we require here in the last days!
Draw we so freely from His Living Word-
He brings it to life with His Presence occurred!

More about Jesus--The Word so alive!
Stronger in Him to help us to arrive!
Closer to Him in those moments so dire-
Jesus to hold us throughout the entire!

More about Jesus...because He is God!
And seldom He comes with that chastening rod.
He does so in love, though, whenever I need;
but however often, His grace does exceed!!

More about Jesus.  We read and we pray
and we walk beside Him for all of the day!
We know His sweet smile, we know His sweet voice-
we learn of such daily.  Therefore, we rejoice!

"Thank you, Glen and Midge, for welcoming us today to your study.  We truly did feel welcome!"
It is my prayer that everyone reading this has a place to go where you can learn more about God and His Word. 
A place that doesn't judge you.
A place that does not condemn you.
A place that accepts you so you can learn more about Jesus.
Find that place!  It is truly worth your time!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


As Jesus accompanies me through the day, I stop for a moment to write down a few words...

Afternoon with Jesus-
time that has no price!
Anything we do together
surely will suffice!
He has a purpose for it all-
and His Will be done.
and now, He's making color in
the setting of the sun!

Just moments before evening
with colors so alive,
I give that time to Jesus and
He causes it to thrive!
We sit together and converse
as colors come and go;
in the time we spend there is
much healing for to know!

Afternoon so special
with perfect company!
Listening to His words, so much
better I can see!
He helps me understand the day
as it approaches end.
So blessed am I to be with Jesus-

The colors are gone now from the sky.  Stars so slowly open their eyes.  But Jesus remains.  He is always with me.  He never leaves.
Ask Him to accompany you through the day.  He would love to.  I promise!

Monday, February 6, 2017


Sunday afternoon.
This is not the kind of place you want to NEED to be at.
The need is, however, so we wait our turn...

In a mass of people

in a massive place
seeking care for everything,
seeking folks with grace;
knowing God has placed this here,
knowing He's here too;
folks here wait their turn because
they know what to do.

Sitting in a waiting room,
praying for each one.
The Blood of Jesus will suffice!
His will, His will be done!
For there is power in the Blood,
power in His Name!
He knows what He is doing and
He knows why we came.

And grows the mass of people

as the moments pass;
people hurting...people crying...
Aware, though, is The Healer
of any and of all;
as I look across the mass,
His holy Name, I call.


I don't want to be here for the reason that I am.  I would rather be here for these other people, reaching out, listening.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Sometimes, for some situations, distance is a massive disadvantage.  There are, however, ways to make that distance disappear.  My niece found one today, and used it in a glorious way!
"Jim, we are going today to spread the ashes of granny, papa, mom and Evan.  I'm going to call you when we get there and we want you to pray with us."

Gone for many years and now,
today, they are set free!
No longer by a vessel held,
save hearts eternally!
Ashes to to dust
we scatter them to go
back to those favorite places that
they helped us come to know!

Mom and dad, my sister, nephew
held inside so dear,
are at the harbor...on the pier...
and places we revere
where we made many memories
that yet bring on a smile...
I wipe away the tears as I
would ponder them awhile.

Loved ones, living even yet
inside the loving heart.
Though on this day we set them free
they NEVER will depart!
So wealthy we to be a part
of such liberation;
and blessed--for we'll ALL meet again
in Heaven's celebration!!

Thank you, Leslie, for including us in this day!  Thanks to the telephone and through your voice, we were able to travel half-way across the country and be with you for this beautiful, glorious and hallowed time!  God bless you richly!
We love you,
Uncle Jimmy

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Standing by, I watch my brother;
what will his life be?
I have it made.  I know success.
Will I move at what I see?
He does his best to make ends meet,
yet, truly, does he lack.
Will I step in and help him out,
or will I turn my back?

Standing by, I watch my brother;
what will his life be?
This land and lifestyle is so foreign;
he's foreign unto me!
His appearance minds me of
those people on the news!
Dare I get to know this man?
Dare I ask his views?

Standing by is pointless!
I MUST extend my hand!
If I'm not Jesus unto him
he'll never understand!
He may receive my offering...
he may think I'm the worst...
but he will never know unless
I reach out to him first!

How far away is your brother?  Who is your brother?  Jesus settled that!
Don't just stand there!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Beautiful Early!

First light of day.  Fortunate am I to be in this beautiful place!  You know what? Creator God is here, too!

Early morning in the sand;

so peaceful is the sea.
Here for to receive command
and all He says to me.
The waves--they seem to know, therefore,
they do not interfere;
they seem to know the solemnness
of Jesus with me here.
He's worthy of all worship, yet
He shares creation dear.
He's eager to participate
in all that goes on here!
We talk about the many birds
so busy early on;
ad I enjoy His time with me
before the moment's gone.

So gentle is the mighty ocean
far as we should walk...
so healing is the conversation
long as we should talk...
so welcome is His countenance
as we look at each other,
and fortunate am I, indeed,
my Savior is my Brother!

That precious time with Jesus...anywhere!  This most beautiful coastline...the stillness of the sea...the mountains to the left...all HIS grand and glorious creation!
Take time to notice His handiwork and converse with Him about it.  He is available anytime!