Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What's the "use?"

Talking to Jesus.
Reading His Word for that verse that He wants me to know more completely.
Listening for His responses...

"What say You on a chilly night
unto a listening ear?
What say You to a heart in tune,
desiring to hear?
What say You, Lord, unto Your servant
as, once more, I yield?
But tell me, even show me Lord,

that it not be concealed!"

Faithfully, so faithfully,
the words begin to flow.
Lines begin to form for me
or someone else to know.
Verses take their places as
a message comes once more...
He gives a title.  It becomes
a word like not before.

The music that I listen to...
the talks I have with all...
the verses in The Word--for they
become my wherewithal.
And such He uses to inspire
what you're reading now.
Just yield to Him and give yourself--
He WILL use you somehow!

God has a plan and purpose for every one of us.  He uses me to write things.  What will He use you for? 
Surrender to Him and you will see Him move through you like never before. 
Talk to Him.
Read His Word.

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