Sunday, January 1, 2017


The bounty--for it mattered not;
nor any sacrifice.
The Father decided long ago
He would pay any price!
He even knew before creation
that it would be His Son.
Nonetheless, He kept His Word,
and grace for us be done!

Forgiveness has now come to us
in Jesus Christ the Lord.
God the Father, God alone
could such a price afford!
O take Him not for granted as
a resolution now;
"to serve Him without compromise'"
o seal ye that great vow!

The calendar means so much to such as we.  However, "time" has a whole different meaning in Heavenly realms.  We cannot understand "eternity" and probably will not until we get there.  We try to confine this life so we can understand it.  That said, one more year has just started.
Let us all, one and each of us, give all we can this year, day by day, to further His Kingdom, so that more will come to know Jesus and His salvation.

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