Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This Awesome Walk!

Alone with God.
Walking through the cold.  (And His creation!)
I can't tell Who is enjoying this more!

The fields are waving with the breeze.
So gently dancing are the trees.
So full of life, the very same.
What power and beauty in His Name!

And we converse as we are walking
through the vibrant field.
The words and laughter we exchange-
so very much to yield!
There is such living in His words
as we walk along;
He laughs and smiles at my own;
like we become a song!
So boring would the talk become
if He did not respond!
But He is so involved with me
because He is so fond.
He loves me, and He tells me so
so often in our walk;
He also makes sure that I know
as we, so often, talk!
I talk of His creation.  He
reminds me "There is more,"
as He refers to that creation
'yond the Golden Shore!
There shall I spend time eterne
in what He has awaiting.
He smiles, as He knows my heart-
it is anticipating!

He stays with me 'til I return
and then He comes inside.
He lives inside my heart, therefore,
for always He'll abide.
Once again, tomorrow I
will walk right by His side;
whatever He has planned for me,
I will not be denied!

Walking with God today.  So refreshing.  So real!  I find out so much the more time I spend with Him!  The most beautiful part: His time for me has no limit!
He has just as much time for YOU.  Enjoy Him!

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