Saturday, January 14, 2017

'That' time again

O that time again to spend with my Jesus.
Time to take a walk as far as I want and talk about whatever.  He walks beside and listens.
Time to raise my voice and complain about whatever I want.  He listens, and He won't leave.
Time again to ask a few questions that no one else can answer.  He can.  And He does.
Time to just walk alongside of Him and listen to Him.  He is faithful.

That precious time so valuable,
so precious every day;
that holy time, communing with Him
on the Narrow Way;
that time that is redeemed in oh
so very many ways--
That time with Jesus Christ, the Lord,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Don't ever take for granted that
sweet time in fellowship!
Do not forget to LISTEN to Him-
harnessing your lip.
Remember always to commune
but somewhere in the day.
What will He give your in return?
Impossible to say!

O that time to spend with Him, my Jesus.
Right now is that time.  He smiles as He bids me "Come..."
Talk to you later!

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