Thursday, January 5, 2017


I once heard "a church leader" make a statement when I asked him if there was anything we could do for the homeless in a certain area.  He told me "We must take care of our own.  Besides, even Jesus said 'The poor you have with you always.'"

I came here to escape the cold
with those who judge me not.
They do not let me in by what
I have or haven't got.
Men and women...boys and girls...
even families...
they smile at me as I sit down
and go back to their ease.

So grateful for this shelter;
so grateful for a meal;
so grateful for the love of God
and people that can feel.

I came here to escape the cold,
I found so much, much more.
The people here, they make me sense
what my purpose is for.
They judge not or condemn me...
they listen to me, too!
O that the whole world look at me
the way these people do!

Because the temp dropped to a certain point, there are shelters opening around the area.  As I watched it on the news, the faces of those entering caught my heart, and my pen found myself in those faces.
"Father, please forgive me for taking so much for granted. 
Please forgive me for judging the ones that You love so dearly.
Lord, please protect those beautiful people from the elements.  Please bless them with these luxurious 'basics' that I constantly take for granted.
In Jesus' Name,

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