Saturday, January 7, 2017

Right place, right time

I was in a restaurant this afternoon when one of their employees came in.  She said "Hello, Buzz," and kept walking.  I called her back and wrapped my arms around her.  For some reason, I hugged her for longer than normal, then let her go.
She looked at me and said "How did you know I needed that?"  Knowing she probably didn't want a dissertation, I simply said "God told me you did."  Then she shed a few tears, explaining that she had just come from the E.R. because the ambulance had to come after her mother.

People are hurting everywhere;
No one is immune.
Most can mask the hurt and pain
and sing a different tune!
But with the vision of the Lord
and leading of His Spirit
you can see beyond façade
and very clearly hear it.

Hearing God is quite simple...if you are listening.  The hard part for most is responding to Holy Spirit's prod. 
Are you aware of His leading?
Are you even available for such?
How will you respond?
Please join me in prayer for this lady and her mom.

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