Friday, January 6, 2017


In the quiet once again.
Here to ponder the day's events, and listen further to the words of Holy Spirit.  He always has something to say.

Not even weeks away from
celebrating Jesus' birth
and come reports from somewhere
disagreeing with their worth.
Father God sends us the greatest
gift in Jesus Christ;
then news come on tonight of one
who shuns that sacrificed.
One disregarding any worth
that is in any other...
one robbing loving families
of sister or of brother...
one thinking far superior
himself and his belief--
in the name of selfishness
he causes so much grief.

"Even so, come quickly Lord,"
our hearts to cry once more!
Oh put an end to them that would,
Your every way, abhor!
We know who is the enemy.
His ways, they yet abound!
We cry out for that time when he
is nevermore around!

Once again, the enemy rears his ugly head.  Do we just give up in disgust?  Of course not!  We cry out all the more for Jesus Christ to save their souls. 
For Jesus Christ to change their hearts. 
For Jesus Christ to return for the ones belonging to Him!

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