Thursday, January 12, 2017


Life goes on.
Today there is a lot to do.  For some, it is the same routine as yesterday.  "Same place, same thing." 

How many are the wonders that
I've noticed not before...
How many are the folks today
that we will see no more?
How many are the folks today
that we have never met?
"Just another Thursday..."
O may that phrase we forget?!
It is another day that we
have never seen before!
May Jesus move in such a way
that makes you cry for more!!
A new song deep inside the heart,
a countenance to shine!
I pray for such for each of you,
(I pray the same for mine!)

O so many wonders-
some pleasure and some pain.
O try to see today as something
that will be for our gain!
Jesus Christ is in control,
and He never fails!
See Him as the Ultimate
no matter what assails!

"Business as usual?"  Sure.  If you're a 'business!'  Are you?  Sometimes this life may treat you as one.  DON'T LET IT!  You are a beautiful, individual creation fashioned by God and there is nobody else like you anywhere, any time!  Be yourself.  Even if some think you unusual, keep being you as the Lord leads.  He has created so many wonders for you to enjoy LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

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