Friday, January 27, 2017

Majesty and Glory

Look around...
The majesty and the glory of His creation.  Is it only something to see?

His majesty in glory...

His glory in us all!
His Presence, it be manifest
in those who heed the call!
His spectacle and awe reside
in what He would create.
O stop, ye man!  Behold Him in
the simple and the great!
For God is ever-present in
the wholeness of the day.
Don't seek Him only in the
'spectacle' along The Way!
For He is Majesty in ALL
that you are going through;
and He is yearning so to just
communicate with you!

His majesty in glory in

the simplest of life.
Too complicated yet for some
as they go on in strife.
The Lord--He is available
for ALL that we go through.
O give your heart!  Release and He
will show you what to do!

His majesty in all.  His Majesty in all!  No matter what is in your life, He wants to be there to go through it with you because He loves you and has the perfect way for everything!

Not all of life is majestic and glorious.  However, You can have Majesty and Glory inside of you along the Narrow Way.

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