Saturday, January 21, 2017

Living, loving Word!

In His Word again this morning.  Hearing His voice...receiving instruction...being loved on by God!

"Your Word, o Lord, is very pure;
Its truth will never die.
The beauty of it is a thing
that no one can deny!
My daily inspiration, Lord,
my ever-constant check;
without Your Word inside, this life
would be a total wreck!"

Book and chapter...verse and line...

even every word...
there is naught more full of life
that man has ever heard!
Even Jesus Christ Himself
is Word made flesh for all!
We draw upon that Living Word
each time, His Name, we call!

O the living and the truth,

the life come of each page!
Listen to the Spirit, yes,
with Him, fully engage!
He makes those verses come to life
by speaking to the heart!
The Bible--God's anointed Word--
in EACH life has a part!

There are so many proofs throughout The Word of Its necessity EACH DAY in every person's life.  You may not understand what you're reading.  That's ok.  Ask Holy Spirit to explain it to you as you read it.  He will.


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