Monday, January 23, 2017

Legal, or right?

The daily dilemmas that you face being a Christian.  No matter what position you hold, no matter if you are retired, no matter _________, there are still decisions we make each day that a non-believer would have no trouble with.  God said it would be this way.

That little 'check' inside me when
I face a certain thing--
it lets me know a situation
might, reaction, bring.
Those little things that this world may
promote without a thought,
that 'check' alerts me, that I might not,
in a trap, be caught.

Those situations that arise
that seem to be 'alright.'
The thought of such, so deep inside
may cause a little fight?
Those practices 'that everyone does'
make you apprehend:
"Will I tell them how I feel?"
or "Just this once, I'll bend?"

Constantly is this life filled
with moral confrontation.
Greater, so, as you get closer
to Christ in relation.
Seek His face in such and follow
Holy Spirit's lead,
He is faithful to respond
when you, for wisdom, plead.

"Who's gonna know?"
"Everybody does it!"
"It's even 'legal' now"
It's a daily...CONSTANT...battle.  Stay focused on His lead and His Word and you will do just fine.  No matter what the 'world' says.

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