Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just a dog?!

The pain is real.
Returning from seeing a family member for the last time.
The office is just down the road, so we left as soon as we got the call.

How many are the years?
The laughter, fun and tears...
So suddenly, it seems,
and you reside in dreams.

News we expected not!
They finally found the spot.
No time to get prepared...
no time to be scared?
That fear has turned to pain.
The news is very plain:
she looks good by our side
but parts have slowly died.

How many are the years?
But count them in our tears.
As she looks into our eyes
again we realize
her love for us, each one-
the laughter and the fun!
Just one more firm embrace
ends her suffering in this place.

"The words...these verses...these emotions?  SHE'S JUST A DOG!"
Just a dog?  Not in this house!  She is a loving member of a loving family that will painfully miss her...but we will see her again across the Rainbow Bridge!
"We love you, Asia!"

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