Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hope at work

As I pointed out yesterday, there IS hope. 
There is Hope.  And there is hope.
Having pointed that out, this writer and his wife are going through a situation that is requiring faith, and a great deal of hope/Hope!

There are so many situations...

so much going on.
Some things that we depended on
are now completely gone.
Policies and programs,
incomes that we knew,
suddenly have changes or
they've failed to renew.

There is one thing in this life, though,

and it has always been.
For it was even here before
the world did begin!
Father God, He is the same
before, today, forever!
He is our great Provider and
He will fail us not ever!

The speed-bumps of life in this place-

will be while we are here.
But His Great Presence, it is more,
and He holds us so dear!
He makes me know that temporary
is the situation
as He embraces and reminds
of our secure relation!

Life will not be without speed-bumps until Jesus Christ comes again.  We do NOT go through them alone.  We will either be delivered FROM the trial, or He will deliver us THROUGH the trial.  Either way, He is HOPE and we will NEVER be without Him!

Thank you for your prayers.

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