Wednesday, January 18, 2017


As one who is involved with a lot of people, too often I hear them express a sense of hopelessness.  Their reasons run the gamut.
Truth is, there IS hope.  They just need to be directed to Him...

The God of hope--He is alive

and reachable always!
He is Almighty God, and yet
we touch in many ways.
He is always everywhere;
His Presence is so real.
The God of hope.  There is no way,
His Presence, to conceal!

Father God--as we converse,
so greatly life excels!
He has the time to pay attention
to ALL that compels!
Even that enjoyable
does He enjoy with us;
such a part of ALL the day--
He is so generous!

The God of hope--and everything
so loving and so real.
No thing at all about your life
can anyone conceal,
and yet His love continues,
His Presence is also.
Father God--He is so
wonderful for one to know!

God of hope.  Father God.
And greater than just 'friend.'
He loves you and will stay with you
so far beyond the end.

There Is Hope.  He is right there with you!
It is this writer's HOPE that you will take Him at His Word and share your whole life with Him.  He is already right there anyway.  He loves you more than anything, and He wants to be involved.
Let Him!

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