Sunday, January 29, 2017

Brief Escape

I need you...more than ever before.  You need someone in the same way.  In fact, each of us need each other more than ever!  We also need that time alone with Father God...

Escape for just a while
time away from guile.
So perfect, this location.
What glorious relation!
A necessary need
in life that has great speed-
in life that is not fair-
in life that does not care.

Life will not be perfect until
Jesus comes again.
Until that day, this world is run
by merely mortal men.
We know that God, He is aware
of that within each heart.
so cling ye to the promise that
"It is not how you start..."

Back to living.  Back to being
Jesus in this place.
In spite of what we see and hear
we must exude His grace.
We must be on the offense: loving,
praying, giving, too,
and pliable inside His hand--
whatever God says do.

Escape ye for the moment, yes.
For such does He provide.
Rejuvenate there in that place
then back into the tide.
There is a battle going on,
(and will be to the end!)
Do your best in this place to be

There is paradise right now in some places.  There is hell right now in other places.  This includes high places, and places that we have no control over.  We can control our reactions to it all.
Escaping to that Secret Place with Father God is absolutely essential for survival in the days that are!

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