Monday, January 30, 2017


Another busy day.
However, I finished early and have time for my best Friend...

Slowly bid the afternoon "goodbye!"

as we count the colors in the sky.
He laughs and smiles with me as we recline.
Upon His goodness freely I would dine! 
So beautiful--the intercourse we share.
Capturing the 'what,' the 'when,' the 'where;
the finest of communication lives
when we lose track of what the other gives!

The colors of the afternoon now faint
as He brings out the darker shades of paint.
The conversation, though, continues on,
even when the light's completely gone.
How beautiful--the afternoon with God.
Turning into night amidst the laud!
How many are the colors that we found?
Imagine ye.  For I won't make a sound!

As you see, I spent the afternoon with God, admiring His creation as we conversed. 
How did you spend your afternoon?  It's NEVER too late!  He would love to hear from you...WHENEVER!!

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