Monday, January 30, 2017


Another busy day.
However, I finished early and have time for my best Friend...

Slowly bid the afternoon "goodbye!"

as we count the colors in the sky.
He laughs and smiles with me as we recline.
Upon His goodness freely I would dine! 
So beautiful--the intercourse we share.
Capturing the 'what,' the 'when,' the 'where;
the finest of communication lives
when we lose track of what the other gives!

The colors of the afternoon now faint
as He brings out the darker shades of paint.
The conversation, though, continues on,
even when the light's completely gone.
How beautiful--the afternoon with God.
Turning into night amidst the laud!
How many are the colors that we found?
Imagine ye.  For I won't make a sound!

As you see, I spent the afternoon with God, admiring His creation as we conversed. 
How did you spend your afternoon?  It's NEVER too late!  He would love to hear from you...WHENEVER!!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Brief Escape

I need you...more than ever before.  You need someone in the same way.  In fact, each of us need each other more than ever!  We also need that time alone with Father God...

Escape for just a while
time away from guile.
So perfect, this location.
What glorious relation!
A necessary need
in life that has great speed-
in life that is not fair-
in life that does not care.

Life will not be perfect until
Jesus comes again.
Until that day, this world is run
by merely mortal men.
We know that God, He is aware
of that within each heart.
so cling ye to the promise that
"It is not how you start..."

Back to living.  Back to being
Jesus in this place.
In spite of what we see and hear
we must exude His grace.
We must be on the offense: loving,
praying, giving, too,
and pliable inside His hand--
whatever God says do.

Escape ye for the moment, yes.
For such does He provide.
Rejuvenate there in that place
then back into the tide.
There is a battle going on,
(and will be to the end!)
Do your best in this place to be

There is paradise right now in some places.  There is hell right now in other places.  This includes high places, and places that we have no control over.  We can control our reactions to it all.
Escaping to that Secret Place with Father God is absolutely essential for survival in the days that are!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Jesus. More!

No matter who you are or what you do, the addition of Jesus to your life will bring more!

"Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Master,

King of Kings always,
I worship You!  I glorify You
all throughout my days!
For You alone are worthy of
our love and adoration--
we give it from the heart as
sacrifice and celebration!

Master, Savior, Brother, Friend,
You are so very much!
Regardless of our lives, oh Lord,
You ever are in touch!
You see us on the mountaintop,
you see us in the deep,
and yet, Your very loving arms,
around each one, You keep!

Jesus, You are everything,
therefore, we are complete.
And with Your great provision we
are all the more replete!
You know us better than ourselves,
You have the very best!
'For we will worship You forever,'
our hearts do attest!"

Jesus is my everything.
Jesus is YOUR everything!
Call upon His Name.  Give Him your heart and He will become everything you just read (and MORE!) in your life.  That's how much He loves you!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Majesty and Glory

Look around...
The majesty and the glory of His creation.  Is it only something to see?

His majesty in glory...

His glory in us all!
His Presence, it be manifest
in those who heed the call!
His spectacle and awe reside
in what He would create.
O stop, ye man!  Behold Him in
the simple and the great!
For God is ever-present in
the wholeness of the day.
Don't seek Him only in the
'spectacle' along The Way!
For He is Majesty in ALL
that you are going through;
and He is yearning so to just
communicate with you!

His majesty in glory in

the simplest of life.
Too complicated yet for some
as they go on in strife.
The Lord--He is available
for ALL that we go through.
O give your heart!  Release and He
will show you what to do!

His majesty in all.  His Majesty in all!  No matter what is in your life, He wants to be there to go through it with you because He loves you and has the perfect way for everything!

Not all of life is majestic and glorious.  However, You can have Majesty and Glory inside of you along the Narrow Way.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This Awesome Walk!

Alone with God.
Walking through the cold.  (And His creation!)
I can't tell Who is enjoying this more!

The fields are waving with the breeze.
So gently dancing are the trees.
So full of life, the very same.
What power and beauty in His Name!

And we converse as we are walking
through the vibrant field.
The words and laughter we exchange-
so very much to yield!
There is such living in His words
as we walk along;
He laughs and smiles at my own;
like we become a song!
So boring would the talk become
if He did not respond!
But He is so involved with me
because He is so fond.
He loves me, and He tells me so
so often in our walk;
He also makes sure that I know
as we, so often, talk!
I talk of His creation.  He
reminds me "There is more,"
as He refers to that creation
'yond the Golden Shore!
There shall I spend time eterne
in what He has awaiting.
He smiles, as He knows my heart-
it is anticipating!

He stays with me 'til I return
and then He comes inside.
He lives inside my heart, therefore,
for always He'll abide.
Once again, tomorrow I
will walk right by His side;
whatever He has planned for me,
I will not be denied!

Walking with God today.  So refreshing.  So real!  I find out so much the more time I spend with Him!  The most beautiful part: His time for me has no limit!
He has just as much time for YOU.  Enjoy Him!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

That Quiet Escape again

'Escaping' again to that Quiet Place.
So much has happened in the past few weeks, and I know that God has a place for me to catch my breath.

Finished with the trials and
the duties of the day.
I did what was required, now
that route is by the way.
Memories have I of all
the people and the prayers,
now for to relax a moment
as my Father shares.
Time with Him rejuvenates
restores and revives.
We all need such to be effective
as we're touching lives.
He knows we need it, so He causes
moments like right now
when I can set aside the issues
like "When?" "What?" and "How?"

The contents of the day behind-
He knew of it complete;
and He is with me even now
in rest so very sweet.
We have the eventide to spend,
relax and get some rest.
Tomorrow is another day
and it, too, shall be blest!

Have you ever felt that way--like life is gaining ground and about to overtake you?
That same place is available for you to escape to and catch your breath.  Don't let anything come between you and Him!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Legal, or right?

The daily dilemmas that you face being a Christian.  No matter what position you hold, no matter if you are retired, no matter _________, there are still decisions we make each day that a non-believer would have no trouble with.  God said it would be this way.

That little 'check' inside me when
I face a certain thing--
it lets me know a situation
might, reaction, bring.
Those little things that this world may
promote without a thought,
that 'check' alerts me, that I might not,
in a trap, be caught.

Those situations that arise
that seem to be 'alright.'
The thought of such, so deep inside
may cause a little fight?
Those practices 'that everyone does'
make you apprehend:
"Will I tell them how I feel?"
or "Just this once, I'll bend?"

Constantly is this life filled
with moral confrontation.
Greater, so, as you get closer
to Christ in relation.
Seek His face in such and follow
Holy Spirit's lead,
He is faithful to respond
when you, for wisdom, plead.

"Who's gonna know?"
"Everybody does it!"
"It's even 'legal' now"
It's a daily...CONSTANT...battle.  Stay focused on His lead and His Word and you will do just fine.  No matter what the 'world' says.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Living, loving Word!

In His Word again this morning.  Hearing His voice...receiving instruction...being loved on by God!

"Your Word, o Lord, is very pure;
Its truth will never die.
The beauty of it is a thing
that no one can deny!
My daily inspiration, Lord,
my ever-constant check;
without Your Word inside, this life
would be a total wreck!"

Book and chapter...verse and line...

even every word...
there is naught more full of life
that man has ever heard!
Even Jesus Christ Himself
is Word made flesh for all!
We draw upon that Living Word
each time, His Name, we call!

O the living and the truth,

the life come of each page!
Listen to the Spirit, yes,
with Him, fully engage!
He makes those verses come to life
by speaking to the heart!
The Bible--God's anointed Word--
in EACH life has a part!

There are so many proofs throughout The Word of Its necessity EACH DAY in every person's life.  You may not understand what you're reading.  That's ok.  Ask Holy Spirit to explain it to you as you read it.  He will.


Friday, January 20, 2017

Just Ahead

A lot of us are going through a lot of things right now.  The issues that you face may be completely different from mine, but we are going through them.
No matter how painful, impossible or insurmountable it may look, God is fully aware of it and already has the solution.
As I am reminded of this, I am also reminded that there will be a day when there will be no more issues or challenges at all!

Just ahead, beyond tomorrow,
there's a time and place
where life will be completely different-
basking in His grace!
It differs so for each of us
according to His will,
and He vows to take care of us
beyond then and until!

Just ahead--a Place that is
beyond all suffering!
A Place where is the Presence of
our Jesus--Lord and King!
A Place infirmities are not
and nothing is amiss;
Heaven--it is Paradise!
It is eternal bliss!

Just ahead.  O cling ye to
the promise of That Day!
Until then, live for Jesus Christ--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
He is the only One to get us
safely to that Shore.
No matter what the issues are,
His grace is so much more!

His grace is more.
We are going through things right now.  Friends are going through things right now.  This country is going through things right now.  But His grace is more
Keep praying.  Keep turning it over to Him.  Keep trusting.  It's just ahead!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hope at work

As I pointed out yesterday, there IS hope. 
There is Hope.  And there is hope.
Having pointed that out, this writer and his wife are going through a situation that is requiring faith, and a great deal of hope/Hope!

There are so many situations...

so much going on.
Some things that we depended on
are now completely gone.
Policies and programs,
incomes that we knew,
suddenly have changes or
they've failed to renew.

There is one thing in this life, though,

and it has always been.
For it was even here before
the world did begin!
Father God, He is the same
before, today, forever!
He is our great Provider and
He will fail us not ever!

The speed-bumps of life in this place-

will be while we are here.
But His Great Presence, it is more,
and He holds us so dear!
He makes me know that temporary
is the situation
as He embraces and reminds
of our secure relation!

Life will not be without speed-bumps until Jesus Christ comes again.  We do NOT go through them alone.  We will either be delivered FROM the trial, or He will deliver us THROUGH the trial.  Either way, He is HOPE and we will NEVER be without Him!

Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


As one who is involved with a lot of people, too often I hear them express a sense of hopelessness.  Their reasons run the gamut.
Truth is, there IS hope.  They just need to be directed to Him...

The God of hope--He is alive

and reachable always!
He is Almighty God, and yet
we touch in many ways.
He is always everywhere;
His Presence is so real.
The God of hope.  There is no way,
His Presence, to conceal!

Father God--as we converse,
so greatly life excels!
He has the time to pay attention
to ALL that compels!
Even that enjoyable
does He enjoy with us;
such a part of ALL the day--
He is so generous!

The God of hope--and everything
so loving and so real.
No thing at all about your life
can anyone conceal,
and yet His love continues,
His Presence is also.
Father God--He is so
wonderful for one to know!

God of hope.  Father God.
And greater than just 'friend.'
He loves you and will stay with you
so far beyond the end.

There Is Hope.  He is right there with you!
It is this writer's HOPE that you will take Him at His Word and share your whole life with Him.  He is already right there anyway.  He loves you more than anything, and He wants to be involved.
Let Him!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What's the "use?"

Talking to Jesus.
Reading His Word for that verse that He wants me to know more completely.
Listening for His responses...

"What say You on a chilly night
unto a listening ear?
What say You to a heart in tune,
desiring to hear?
What say You, Lord, unto Your servant
as, once more, I yield?
But tell me, even show me Lord,

that it not be concealed!"

Faithfully, so faithfully,
the words begin to flow.
Lines begin to form for me
or someone else to know.
Verses take their places as
a message comes once more...
He gives a title.  It becomes
a word like not before.

The music that I listen to...
the talks I have with all...
the verses in The Word--for they
become my wherewithal.
And such He uses to inspire
what you're reading now.
Just yield to Him and give yourself--
He WILL use you somehow!

God has a plan and purpose for every one of us.  He uses me to write things.  What will He use you for? 
Surrender to Him and you will see Him move through you like never before. 
Talk to Him.
Read His Word.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another Divine appointment

Yesterday, I wrote about 'that time again.'  You know, that time set aside for God alone?  That precious time.
I completely forgot about something that had happened earlier in the day.  I'd like to share it now.
I had just gotten my lunch and found a table.  I did not recognize the gentleman at the table next to me which, in a small town and being who I am, was quite unusual. 
He made a comment such as "You eat here, too?" as I had a company shirt on, but had brought my lunch.  "Oh yeah.  Same table a few days a week." said I.  Nothing further was said.
I called my wife and started talking to her.  He turned around to say something to me, saw that I was on the phone, and stopped.  Right then, Holy Spirit told me he wanted to talk.  I told my wife "Honey, I'll call you back.  I need to talk to someone.  Love you.  Goodbye."
He picked up his tray and I said "Sir, you were going to say something a minute ago?" 
"Ah...nothing important." he said.
"I've never seen you here before.  Can I offer you a seat at my table?  Sit down for a minute."
Those wonderful Divine Appointments!"
"Yea, I just bought 15 acres north of here and I was seeing what your town is like."
Turned out, he had recently retired.  He was widowed.  They had always wanted to live 'in the country,' so he had just moved here from Sun City, CA.  
"Really?" said I.  "You know where Fallbrook is?"
"Oh yea!  We used to go down there all the time and get our avocadoes."
"Well I lived in Fallbrook for 30 years!"
Of course we talked to the point where the manager came and reminded me that my break was over!  I don't remember everything we talked about, but I do remember the smile on his face as he left the restaurant.
I gave him the card for the church we go to.  I gave him my own card with directions to these words.
Not every "Divine Appointment" leads to leading someone to Jesus.  There are countless people out there that just need or want someone to talk to them.  Not even 'deep' conversation.  Not necessarily prayer.  Just 'someone' to converse with.
Are you available for such an opportunity?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

'That' time again

O that time again to spend with my Jesus.
Time to take a walk as far as I want and talk about whatever.  He walks beside and listens.
Time to raise my voice and complain about whatever I want.  He listens, and He won't leave.
Time again to ask a few questions that no one else can answer.  He can.  And He does.
Time to just walk alongside of Him and listen to Him.  He is faithful.

That precious time so valuable,
so precious every day;
that holy time, communing with Him
on the Narrow Way;
that time that is redeemed in oh
so very many ways--
That time with Jesus Christ, the Lord,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Don't ever take for granted that
sweet time in fellowship!
Do not forget to LISTEN to Him-
harnessing your lip.
Remember always to commune
but somewhere in the day.
What will He give your in return?
Impossible to say!

O that time to spend with Him, my Jesus.
Right now is that time.  He smiles as He bids me "Come..."
Talk to you later!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Heart's desire!

Another day gone by.
Another day on this ball.
Though many of us accomplished something today, even something for His glory, the depths of us cry out for a TRUMPET BLAST!

"Jesus, Jesus, come again!
(And quickly might we add!)
So many situations, Lord,
from jubilant to sad.
So many are there, Lord, that need
deliverance and healing;
even they seek Your return,
with all You'll be revealing! 

'Even so, come quickly, Lord...'
for centuries our prayer.
We know You have a Place for them
submitting to Your care!
We know You have a Paradise-
You promised in Your Word!
It be a never-ending prayer:

Jesus, Jesus, loving Jesus,
come again we cry!
We heed Your Word and do Your will
as time here passes by.
There be no greater of our yearning,
Lord, than to see You!
O let us hear that Trumpet Blast
as says Your Word so true!!"

Jesus Christ promised us that He would come again and receive us unto Himself.  In the meantime, we are to be doing the Father's business.  Let us not be weary in well-doing,
neither let us let go of that promise of Heaven!

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Life goes on.
Today there is a lot to do.  For some, it is the same routine as yesterday.  "Same place, same thing." 

How many are the wonders that
I've noticed not before...
How many are the folks today
that we will see no more?
How many are the folks today
that we have never met?
"Just another Thursday..."
O may that phrase we forget?!
It is another day that we
have never seen before!
May Jesus move in such a way
that makes you cry for more!!
A new song deep inside the heart,
a countenance to shine!
I pray for such for each of you,
(I pray the same for mine!)

O so many wonders-
some pleasure and some pain.
O try to see today as something
that will be for our gain!
Jesus Christ is in control,
and He never fails!
See Him as the Ultimate
no matter what assails!

"Business as usual?"  Sure.  If you're a 'business!'  Are you?  Sometimes this life may treat you as one.  DON'T LET IT!  You are a beautiful, individual creation fashioned by God and there is nobody else like you anywhere, any time!  Be yourself.  Even if some think you unusual, keep being you as the Lord leads.  He has created so many wonders for you to enjoy LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just a dog?!

The pain is real.
Returning from seeing a family member for the last time.
The office is just down the road, so we left as soon as we got the call.

How many are the years?
The laughter, fun and tears...
So suddenly, it seems,
and you reside in dreams.

News we expected not!
They finally found the spot.
No time to get prepared...
no time to be scared?
That fear has turned to pain.
The news is very plain:
she looks good by our side
but parts have slowly died.

How many are the years?
But count them in our tears.
As she looks into our eyes
again we realize
her love for us, each one-
the laughter and the fun!
Just one more firm embrace
ends her suffering in this place.

"The words...these verses...these emotions?  SHE'S JUST A DOG!"
Just a dog?  Not in this house!  She is a loving member of a loving family that will painfully miss her...but we will see her again across the Rainbow Bridge!
"We love you, Asia!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


As I watch the sun slowly do beautiful things to the sky, I recollect upon what the day contained...

Afternoon expiring...
from the task retiring...
driving out of town,
the sun is going down.

So many are the faces and
the voices as I stand...
So constant be the dialogue
as money changes hands...
will anything I say to them
affect them in the least?
I pray that they remember more
than just a mobile feast.

Today's transactions behind me.
Memories remain of something far deeper than 'money.'
May each of us do more than merely 'put in our time' at the things we do.  May we actually have the privilege of making someone else's day better.
Look back on the faces of your day.  Pray for them.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Right place, right time

I was in a restaurant this afternoon when one of their employees came in.  She said "Hello, Buzz," and kept walking.  I called her back and wrapped my arms around her.  For some reason, I hugged her for longer than normal, then let her go.
She looked at me and said "How did you know I needed that?"  Knowing she probably didn't want a dissertation, I simply said "God told me you did."  Then she shed a few tears, explaining that she had just come from the E.R. because the ambulance had to come after her mother.

People are hurting everywhere;
No one is immune.
Most can mask the hurt and pain
and sing a different tune!
But with the vision of the Lord
and leading of His Spirit
you can see beyond fa├žade
and very clearly hear it.

Hearing God is quite simple...if you are listening.  The hard part for most is responding to Holy Spirit's prod. 
Are you aware of His leading?
Are you even available for such?
How will you respond?
Please join me in prayer for this lady and her mom.

Friday, January 6, 2017


In the quiet once again.
Here to ponder the day's events, and listen further to the words of Holy Spirit.  He always has something to say.

Not even weeks away from
celebrating Jesus' birth
and come reports from somewhere
disagreeing with their worth.
Father God sends us the greatest
gift in Jesus Christ;
then news come on tonight of one
who shuns that sacrificed.
One disregarding any worth
that is in any other...
one robbing loving families
of sister or of brother...
one thinking far superior
himself and his belief--
in the name of selfishness
he causes so much grief.

"Even so, come quickly Lord,"
our hearts to cry once more!
Oh put an end to them that would,
Your every way, abhor!
We know who is the enemy.
His ways, they yet abound!
We cry out for that time when he
is nevermore around!

Once again, the enemy rears his ugly head.  Do we just give up in disgust?  Of course not!  We cry out all the more for Jesus Christ to save their souls. 
For Jesus Christ to change their hearts. 
For Jesus Christ to return for the ones belonging to Him!

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I once heard "a church leader" make a statement when I asked him if there was anything we could do for the homeless in a certain area.  He told me "We must take care of our own.  Besides, even Jesus said 'The poor you have with you always.'"

I came here to escape the cold
with those who judge me not.
They do not let me in by what
I have or haven't got.
Men and women...boys and girls...
even families...
they smile at me as I sit down
and go back to their ease.

So grateful for this shelter;
so grateful for a meal;
so grateful for the love of God
and people that can feel.

I came here to escape the cold,
I found so much, much more.
The people here, they make me sense
what my purpose is for.
They judge not or condemn me...
they listen to me, too!
O that the whole world look at me
the way these people do!

Because the temp dropped to a certain point, there are shelters opening around the area.  As I watched it on the news, the faces of those entering caught my heart, and my pen found myself in those faces.
"Father, please forgive me for taking so much for granted. 
Please forgive me for judging the ones that You love so dearly.
Lord, please protect those beautiful people from the elements.  Please bless them with these luxurious 'basics' that I constantly take for granted.
In Jesus' Name,

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The guilt of having been a fool.
The pain of a word spoken in anger.
How long does it last?
Why is the worst cess often spewed at the one we love the most?

How numerous the opportunities
to hurt somebody with words such as these?
Immeasurable, the scope of pain availed
when putting somebody else first has failed.
How quickly such be learned and fired at will.
O when will these lips learn to just be still?!
For Jesus has a grace that knows no bound.
Can the same, inside us each, be found?

How long does it last?

It must not last long enough, because I keep making the same mistake over and over!  Please pray for me.  The one that I hurt this time deserves far better.  She deserves the finest.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


The bounty--for it mattered not;
nor any sacrifice.
The Father decided long ago
He would pay any price!
He even knew before creation
that it would be His Son.
Nonetheless, He kept His Word,
and grace for us be done!

Forgiveness has now come to us
in Jesus Christ the Lord.
God the Father, God alone
could such a price afford!
O take Him not for granted as
a resolution now;
"to serve Him without compromise'"
o seal ye that great vow!

The calendar means so much to such as we.  However, "time" has a whole different meaning in Heavenly realms.  We cannot understand "eternity" and probably will not until we get there.  We try to confine this life so we can understand it.  That said, one more year has just started.
Let us all, one and each of us, give all we can this year, day by day, to further His Kingdom, so that more will come to know Jesus and His salvation.