Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wondrous Gift

Christmas.  That most wonderful time of the year when we open up our hearts and exchange gifts.  But have you ever thought of Christmas as "The Gift" itself?

Christmas--what a wondrous gift

unto such as we.
God to give His everything-
His Own Son for our fee!
Christ to go through everything
that we would not have to;
Christmas--God the Father's gift
to everyone...and YOU!

A gift that would provide a way
for us to be healed;
a gift that would provide a way
that Heaven be revealed:
a gift to make a way for sins,
invisible, to be;
a gift to help us all have
forgiveness finally!

Christmas, Christmas.  Wondrous gift!
And Jesus Christ by Name!
May this season find us daily
as. His gift, we claim!
We revel in Your Gift!
Without You in our hearts, we are
so lost and so adrift!

Christmas--what a wondrous gift--
we celebrate You ever,
knowing that Your faithfulness
will exit our hearts never!

Do you realize what a precious gift you are?  The world will tell you otherwise, but God sees you as priceless!

Christmas is all about God revealing your worth to Him!

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