Saturday, December 17, 2016

What's it all about, anyway?

Christmas is getting closer. 
Anticipation of celebrating Him, or expectation of presents that someone probably stressed out purchasing?
Anticipating gathering with family and friends, or dreading seeing "them" again?  Or how about "hoping" to see or hear from them again.
Let's not forget, IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS!!
Life--it is still happening,
and choosing its own speed.
Happening at its own will?
Will anything impede?
Ah...but there is One alone,
and He is in control!
He is aware of ALL of life,
and He knows EVERY soul!

Not matter what the speed may seem-

how very fast or slow-
evidence of Jesus' hand
is certainly to know!
He is right here...He is right there...
He is not letting go!
We live in HIS security-
His embrace we know.
Even when is tragedy,
and things don't go our way,
He hasn't left...He will not leave...
He's at our side to stay!
He's even to escort us through
what "comfort" cannot touch;
He's even to embrace us through-
regardless of how much!

Even in a season when

so many celebrate,
the joy of Jesus Christ Himself
will help us to relate.
Yes, life--it is still happening--
O let His Presence fill your life,
His victory be known!

Closer to the day of His birth.
Closer to those situations and memories that hurt?  Hold them up and say
"Lord, I present these hurts and pains to You.  Please take the sting of them from me and replace it with Your healing and Your ability to grow and help others through the same.
In JESUS' Name,
God is faithful.  Trust Him.


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