Saturday, December 10, 2016

Too Early!!

The end of November.
One more batch of leaves to burn before the evidence of fall is gone.

Winter on the landscape...

before the fall is done?!
Some face the day with dreadful pain
while others have great fun!
Life ignores a calendar-
the months...the weeks...the days...
For God, the Maker of all life-
His ways are not our ways!

How to enjoy the days that are,
(though some be painful so!)
But glorify The Maker and,
that 'fun' you just may know!
You just may be prevented from
the task that is at hand,
but there may be a greater blessing
you will understand.

Winter in so many senses
weeks before its time.
Life abounds, regardless of
the hills it has to climb.
Glorify the Father, though,
the Maker of it all.
Continues He for to provide--
He is our Wherewithal!

So many plans for the day.  You already have the time set for the what and the where.  Are you so rigid that God cannot interrupt that set schedule for something that HE might have planned?

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