Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Speed of Life

The busier I get, the less I get done...
The faster I go, the less I progress...
The Bible?!  I don't have time to read that.  I'll hear it on Sunday anyway...
Prayer?  God knows my heart and the Holy Spirit can read my mind...

I cannot stop to pick him up,
appointments won't allow...
to get into a conversation--
I cannot see how...
I don't have time to listen to
that man that said "Hello..."
Have I too many things to do
to really get to know?

Who are those people growing up
before my very eyes?
It seems each time I stop and look
they are another size!
Who is that woman in my home?
Her beauty changes not,
but if I have to ask these, what
priorities have I got?

"O where did I ignore that compass
keeping me on track?
Each chapter and each verse of such--
Lord, have I been that slack?
Stable me again upon
that course that prospers all:
where I am guided by Your Spirit--
answering Your call."

Repentance.  It MUST be from the heart!  It MUST start in the home.  It MUST be done if I am to be effective at all...ANYWHERE!

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