Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Perfect Gift

Generations come and go.
Promises made are so far in the past that they've been forgotten.
But God did not forget!

The tired, dry and even dead

now have a song to sing!
The generations come before-
they now have everything!
The stars and planets even have
a symphony to share:
for God Himself has come to earth
as Man to show His care!

O sing out, all ye living,
for Jesus is alive!
Redemption that is absolute
to finally arrive!
The Person of Almighty God
to finally walk beside!
Oh join your heart unto His Own,
in there will He abide!

The dry and dead and all the lacking
now have Advocate.
Christmas--it is so much more
than something we can "get!"
It is living!  It is Life
as we have never known!
Christmas--He is Jesus Christ!
Make Him your very own!!

Jesus Christ.
The perfect Gift from The Perfect Father!  Only One.  He has NEVER forgotten you!

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