Sunday, December 18, 2016

That Necessary Place

That secret place.
It is a very necessary place, especially this time of year.  It is so easy to get caught up in all that the world makes of Christmas and miss the most important part!
Don't let it!

Again, the speed of life affects;
o let us get away!
The hours are so taken up-
filled be every day!
I've got to get unto that place
that God alone attends;
I've got to spend time with Him there
because He calls me "friend."

In this secret place there is
no thing that's not allowed.
I can tell Him anything
without a nosy crowd.
I have assurance what is said
will be repeated not;
so is that blest relationship
the Lord and I have got.

Refreshing and revitalizing
is that secret place.
After all is talked about
I look into His face
and He that He has heard me,
He listened to me, too.
I receive what He says back
to grow...restore...renew.

This time of year will get very hectic.  All the more important for each of us to find that secret place to spend that special time with Jesus.  He will make sure you still get everything done.

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