Thursday, December 15, 2016

Secure Christmas

A lot is going on in this wide world.
Not everyone stops what they are doing during Christmas time.  Some wait until this time of year to do what they've never done before.  That's not always good.
But God is good.

"You make all things beautiful,
all things are in Your hand;
even that which we may not like,
or may not understand.
You do so because You know all things,
(even that not yet here;)
in all that are the Christmas truths
Your confidence is clear.

Oh God, the miracle of Jesus
is still to fascinate!
The Truth of Christ and all His purposes
remains so great!
The miracle relating us
to You is so alive!
The life of Christ inside our hearts
assures we will arrive!

Lord, You make all things beautiful-
though this life may disagree.
Not everything is comfortable
but it's best for such as we.
We cling to these truths as we're
celebrating Jesus' birth.
In Him we are all beautiful
and so obtain true worth!"

Those of us who love God and are born of Jesus look forward to this time of year.  At the same time, those who hate, revile and deny Him also look forward to it.
Stand firm.  Keep Jesus central to your celebration, and love one another.  For by such will men know that we are His...and maybe just desire to do the same.

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