Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Peace. True Peace!

Luke 2:14
Peace on earth.  Good will toward men.
Peace on earth.  Good will toward men...in THIS day and age?!  Have you seen the news tonight?!

Jesus is alive and well
and reaching for us ever!
He shines above this life and He
abandons our sides never!
His eyes, for they see everything,
even that which He abhors;
and in this season of His birth
the worship of Him roars!

As life occurs, our lives go on
and His we celebrate;
this King that's come to set us free
and seal our final fate!
This King that's come--the ONLY Savior
from the sin we're in!
Angels ring that anthem out:

Jesus Christ, so beautiful,
so selfless is to come,
knowing sure His purpose and
secure about the sum!
Celebrate Him, worship Him,
o thank Him without end!
Peace on earth.  Enjoy it.
For it may not last, my friend.

Peace on earth WILL NOT last.
Peace in the heart WILL last, and it is only found in Jesus Christ!
Celebrate Him by asking Him to be the Savior of your soul!  There be no better time!

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