Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mixed emotions

Celebrating Jesus this time of year.
Giving and receiving things from the heart in His honor and in His Name.
Embracing loved ones like never before, and reaffirming those bonds for one another.
And then we watch the evening news...

So beautiful, so wonderful,
so present in this place!
Whenever whatever happens,
He's right there with His grace!
I hear so often "Where was God
when this or that went down?"
He is right there in the midst to share
each grief, each tear, each frown.
He even hears the ones who blame Him
for the tragedy.
He embraces them that hate Him
for such atrocity!
He wraps His arms around the ones
who cannot understand
providing them a canopy
inside His mighty hand!

So beautiful?  So wonderful?

Well...maybe not right now.
BUT GOD will use this for His glory
and our good somehow.
Go forward from this!  Do not stay,
but surely move along.
Wherever you say "Where is God?"
there will surely be a song.

The anger.  The pain.  The desire for revenge.  It's all normal.  But it takes an abnormal faith to forgive, move on and help others recover.

As we celebrate Him at this time, can we again ask "What Would Jesus Do?"?

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