Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How we are

The Waiting Room.  No one is immune.  Not one of us make it through life without being here.  For some of us, it is a monthly occurrence!  What do you do...

Once more in a crowd.
Try not to be loud.
They all hear my voices.
There are not many choices.
No one wants to be here
in countenances clear.
But such is part of life
until there is no strife.

The crowd intensifies.
Do not look in the eyes!
Anonymous remain.
Relationships cause pain!
"Just wait...your name to call...
avoid ye one and all."
That's just the way we are
in offices afar.

What is compassion for?
We need each other more!
Especially in THIS place--
uncertainty to face.
Reach out, a hand to hold;
look into eyes with care
and listen to one share.

Not one of us is immune to this place.  Nor are we immune to the emotions involved.  Each of us knows how to make this place easier on each other.
Listen.  Feel.  Share.

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