Wednesday, December 28, 2016


That special time of the year.
That glorious day when we get to cry out

"Happy, Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Christmas is Your day!
We celebrate Your birth!  You are
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Beyond the trees...beyond the presents...
past the 'merchandise,'
YOU ARE JESUS!  You are come--
the perfect Sacrifice!"

Finally, propitiation
from our every sin!
Finally, a starting point
for new life to begin!
Finally, the whole wide world
can know a 'common ground:'
He is Jesus Christ the Lord
and He is FREELY found!

Finally have we communion
with Almighty God!
Finally we've access to
where only angels trod!
Finally to speak His Name
and be there at His side
asking of Him anything,
knowing He'll provide!

we cry on bended knee.

We celebrate You with each other.
Worthy, Lord, You be!
One day per annum hardly seems
to be enough for You,
so we present to You each day
the worship You are due!"

Jesus Christ the Lord is worthy of CONSTANT praise!  He is worthy of adoration at Christmas...and EVERY other day of the year!
Make sure you enjoy worshipping, listening and responding to Him every day.

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