Friday, December 30, 2016


Just before dawn.  A cup of coffee.  Unseasonably warm, so I can enjoy it out on the deck...

Early in the afterglow-
so quiet are the roads.
A few folks heading home from Christmas,
some with heavy loads!
Celebrating Jesus in
the country where we live
involves so many purchases
so we can freely give?

But in the early times before
those roads and ways awake,
there is such a peace on earth
that, notice, I must take.
How far to go the hills from here...
how far the river bed...
how far the vision is to party 
with the sunlight shed?

Early--God is o so good;
His Presence o so great!
I look around in all directions
and I celebrate!
Celebrate His Presence,
His sacred silence, too;
celebrate His grand creation-
glorious in view!

Yes, early and not busy.  Grateful so for this sacred time!  That highway, among so many, to soon be abuzz with life after Christmas...but not quite yet.
How fortunate am I to celebrate just He and I in the peace of early morning.

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