Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Gift

What a wonderful time.
Among other things, Christmas is truly a heart-check for a lot of us.

Christmas--what a precious gift

from Father God with love!
There is a cycle to complete
He gives to us abundantly,
His store is never gone,
but He expects us to take some
and freely pass it on.

Christmas.  Yes, that precious gift.

Material always?
But no!  And even with the Lord--
His ways are not our ways!
There are so many ways to give
unto the ones around.
Look about you with the heart
and new ways will be found!
For many is not everything;
mere time so many need.
Find your neighbor, visit with them,
you can intercede!
So many are so lonely...
so busy some remain...
reach out to them...sit down with them...
a friend you just may gain.

Christmas--o so beautiful

when seen beyond the stress!
It's all about a Savior come
to love, to save, to bless!
Help Him to by being you--
Christmas as a precious gift
you just may come to find!

Christmas.  The season of giving.  And not necessarily things purchased.  Give from the heart, and you will receive in so many ways!


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