Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas "firsts"

Celebrating the birth of Jesus with friends and family.
Continue we to celebrate, while 'family' seems to get smaller and smaller.

Christmas.  Celebrating Jesus
with another 'first:'
mom and dad are reunited--
life again to burst!
Neither suffer any longer!
Gone is every pain!
Present they in celebration:
And they are celebrating with
my sister once again!
She's been there now for many years
and, missing her, we've been!
No longer mom to shed those tears
because of "life too brief,"
but tears of joy amongst them all
with Jesus our Relief!

Yes, Jesus--He is worthy of
the praise of every voice!
And they behold Him with their eyes
as ever they rejoice!
All of us to celebrate Him--
here and, soon, together!!
The love of Jesus Christ the King-
our eternal tether!

Yes, we are without mom this Christmas, but celebrating Jesus goes on!  And mom continues to celebrate... but in That Perfect Place, at the feet of Jesus, and at daddy's side once again with my sister.
What a wonderful day that will be!

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