Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve

(Please forgive me.  I have been wonderfully busy for a few days.  (And continue to be so!)  Thus, the timeline of some of these words may be off.  For those of you that are glad that Christmas is over, you may want to 'delete' me for the next few days!)

Christmas Eve. 
How many are aware of the importance of this day?  But how many even care?  EVEN THE HEAVENS CARE!!

Following a star they came.
The wisest men come still.
It is the sole response of them
that seek The Father's will.
They find the Lord--Jesus Christ--
at their destination.
They bring gifts due a holy One--
establishing relation.

Following the Holy Spirit
come we in these days.
He calls unto us in His love.
We bring Him gifts of praise!
All creation points toward Him
as we onward seek.
So constantly, unto our hearts,
does He direct and speak.

Christmas Eve.  The day before
all Heaven rings in song!
know if you belong?"
Cry out to Him so you WILL know
without a single doubt
that you are part of Christ the Lord
of Whom the heavens shout!!

All of heaven cries out in celebration of the life of Jesus.  Do YOU have His life inside of your heart?  You can!  Ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life and He will cause you to sing out like the heavens do!

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