Sunday, December 4, 2016

Celebrate instead!

After several days of prayers...doctors...more prayers...trip to Little Rock...more prayers...whew!!
However, God IS in complete control of all of that.  Let our focus be instead upon celebrating Jesus Christ our Savior and His approaching birthday!

"O Lord, it's YOU we celebrate
with festive adoration!
Your birthday, Lord, become a season
and joy's culmination!
The gladness that You generate
in this life and beyond;
Jesus, Jesus Christ the King,
of You we are so fond!"

reverence to the King!
How many are the voices, of
His holiness, to sing?
O the glory song alive
and sounding through creation!
Celebrate ye--knowing to
the King you have relation!

"O worthy, ye, Lord, of all praise
in sermon and in song!!
Christ--the heart collector; say,
but where does ours belong?
NOT just a season...just tradition...
just mere holidays...
O Lord, You are THE Way of Life
and so alive always!"

And so alive always!
Not just during Christmas.  Not just during the holidays.  ALWAYS!!
Jesus deserves the adoration and celebration called "CHRISTMAS!"  For He is the only One to accomplish all that Christmas is only the beginning of!

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