Thursday, December 8, 2016

Calendar limitations?

To celebrate Christmas, we give and we are generous toward our fellow man.
Is such merely "seasonal?"

"Christmas on the calendar,
yes, Christmas in the air.
Christmas in the world, o Lord,
and YOU are everywhere!

Help me do what I seldom do
throughout the season's race:
help me to share all that I have,
and do so with Your grace.
I need to come to You at first,
Lord, with that "shopping list"
and ask that You would help me bless
the lesser that exist.
At that I even must repent,
there be no "lesser" one!
Just show me who to bless, o Lord,
and seek "Your will be done!"
There is so much that's happening
with friend and family;
such will be done, but may a stranger
join our jubilee!

We CAN do that as we reach out
to them that we know not.
I CAN do that because, so much,
I have already got!
Your care and generosity
in EVERY time of year!
I must be giving to ALL men--
help me so persevere.

Christmas on the calendar.  But may "Christmas" giving be a way of life every hour of every day!  May we live in celebration and adoration of Jesus by living each day, GIVING His love each day as He has called us to do.

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