Monday, December 5, 2016

Blind Christmas!

O when is no more sign to wear
to label one somehow?
Why can't the birth of Jesus rid us
of such even now?
Listen to the celebration,
join in and rejoice;
decide to cite this wondrous day!
Yes, it is a choice!

O choose to give all glory to
the One and only King!
Choose to hear the festive carols,
yes, and choose to sing!
Choose to GIVE ye, even if
there's nothing in return!
Yes, it is a choice, and GOD
will see to a return!

Choosing what to give--is it
an issue in the least?
Just because you've given means
that you will be increased!
But give ye in the love of Jesus
Whom we celebrate!
He is beyond the signs and labels
lesser men create.

So much has become of this time of year.  So much certain people make of this time of year.  What more beautiful gift could there be than ALL PEOPLE gathering as one to Celebrate Jesus?
What a glorious gift that would be!

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