Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A few days left

In the few days left before Christmas, I ponder a few statements and thoughts that have been shared with me in some way or another of late.  Amidst all of the controversy, let us make a few declarations...

This night of nights, a King is born!
O listen to creation!
But who could count the signs and wonders
of His celebration?!
Even in the heavens there
to be a brand new star!
There be a song that's never been-
and part of it we are!!

SING, ye every man and woman,
even every child...
SING ye, for your very soul,
His life has reconciled...
SING like you have never sung
as there is none like Him!
SING, I say!  The light of Jesus
shall not EVER dim!

This night of nights.  We celebrate!
For He is worthy of
the adoration from the depths
because of His great love!
Worthy, as He comes to save us!
Worthy--HE IS KING!
Worthy, He is GOD WITH US,
and He is everything!

Night of nights. O bow the head
in humble adoration,
as the voice is raised in praise,
raised in celebration!

Don't let merchandising drown it out!
Don't let greed snuff it out!
Don't let anger steal it!
Don't let pain distract from it!
There is so much in this life to prevent us from celebrating Jesus.  DON'T LET IT!  Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ.

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