Friday, December 30, 2016


Just before dawn.  A cup of coffee.  Unseasonably warm, so I can enjoy it out on the deck...

Early in the afterglow-
so quiet are the roads.
A few folks heading home from Christmas,
some with heavy loads!
Celebrating Jesus in
the country where we live
involves so many purchases
so we can freely give?

But in the early times before
those roads and ways awake,
there is such a peace on earth
that, notice, I must take.
How far to go the hills from here...
how far the river bed...
how far the vision is to party 
with the sunlight shed?

Early--God is o so good;
His Presence o so great!
I look around in all directions
and I celebrate!
Celebrate His Presence,
His sacred silence, too;
celebrate His grand creation-
glorious in view!

Yes, early and not busy.  Grateful so for this sacred time!  That highway, among so many, to soon be abuzz with life after Christmas...but not quite yet.
How fortunate am I to celebrate just He and I in the peace of early morning.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wondrous Gift

Christmas.  That most wonderful time of the year when we open up our hearts and exchange gifts.  But have you ever thought of Christmas as "The Gift" itself?

Christmas--what a wondrous gift

unto such as we.
God to give His everything-
His Own Son for our fee!
Christ to go through everything
that we would not have to;
Christmas--God the Father's gift
to everyone...and YOU!

A gift that would provide a way
for us to be healed;
a gift that would provide a way
that Heaven be revealed:
a gift to make a way for sins,
invisible, to be;
a gift to help us all have
forgiveness finally!

Christmas, Christmas.  Wondrous gift!
And Jesus Christ by Name!
May this season find us daily
as. His gift, we claim!
We revel in Your Gift!
Without You in our hearts, we are
so lost and so adrift!

Christmas--what a wondrous gift--
we celebrate You ever,
knowing that Your faithfulness
will exit our hearts never!

Do you realize what a precious gift you are?  The world will tell you otherwise, but God sees you as priceless!

Christmas is all about God revealing your worth to Him!


That special time of the year.
That glorious day when we get to cry out

"Happy, Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Christmas is Your day!
We celebrate Your birth!  You are
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Beyond the trees...beyond the presents...
past the 'merchandise,'
YOU ARE JESUS!  You are come--
the perfect Sacrifice!"

Finally, propitiation
from our every sin!
Finally, a starting point
for new life to begin!
Finally, the whole wide world
can know a 'common ground:'
He is Jesus Christ the Lord
and He is FREELY found!

Finally have we communion
with Almighty God!
Finally we've access to
where only angels trod!
Finally to speak His Name
and be there at His side
asking of Him anything,
knowing He'll provide!

we cry on bended knee.

We celebrate You with each other.
Worthy, Lord, You be!
One day per annum hardly seems
to be enough for You,
so we present to You each day
the worship You are due!"

Jesus Christ the Lord is worthy of CONSTANT praise!  He is worthy of adoration at Christmas...and EVERY other day of the year!
Make sure you enjoy worshipping, listening and responding to Him every day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Eve

(Please forgive me.  I have been wonderfully busy for a few days.  (And continue to be so!)  Thus, the timeline of some of these words may be off.  For those of you that are glad that Christmas is over, you may want to 'delete' me for the next few days!)

Christmas Eve. 
How many are aware of the importance of this day?  But how many even care?  EVEN THE HEAVENS CARE!!

Following a star they came.
The wisest men come still.
It is the sole response of them
that seek The Father's will.
They find the Lord--Jesus Christ--
at their destination.
They bring gifts due a holy One--
establishing relation.

Following the Holy Spirit
come we in these days.
He calls unto us in His love.
We bring Him gifts of praise!
All creation points toward Him
as we onward seek.
So constantly, unto our hearts,
does He direct and speak.

Christmas Eve.  The day before
all Heaven rings in song!
know if you belong?"
Cry out to Him so you WILL know
without a single doubt
that you are part of Christ the Lord
of Whom the heavens shout!!

All of heaven cries out in celebration of the life of Jesus.  Do YOU have His life inside of your heart?  You can!  Ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life and He will cause you to sing out like the heavens do!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas "firsts"

Celebrating the birth of Jesus with friends and family.
Continue we to celebrate, while 'family' seems to get smaller and smaller.

Christmas.  Celebrating Jesus
with another 'first:'
mom and dad are reunited--
life again to burst!
Neither suffer any longer!
Gone is every pain!
Present they in celebration:
And they are celebrating with
my sister once again!
She's been there now for many years
and, missing her, we've been!
No longer mom to shed those tears
because of "life too brief,"
but tears of joy amongst them all
with Jesus our Relief!

Yes, Jesus--He is worthy of
the praise of every voice!
And they behold Him with their eyes
as ever they rejoice!
All of us to celebrate Him--
here and, soon, together!!
The love of Jesus Christ the King-
our eternal tether!

Yes, we are without mom this Christmas, but celebrating Jesus goes on!  And mom continues to celebrate... but in That Perfect Place, at the feet of Jesus, and at daddy's side once again with my sister.
What a wonderful day that will be!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Jesus IS Christmas

So much going on.
The closer we get to Christmas, the busier it gets! trying to keep up with...
It doesn't have to be that way.

Peace is come and He is Lord,
and Jesus is His Name!
He has peace and perfect rest
for anyone to claim!
Even in the days that are
as celebrations ring,
why not relax...stare at the stars...
and hear the angels sing!

No longer He a Baby, yet
we celebrate His birth.
Why not wish Him "Happy Birthday!"
and tell Him of His worth?
Why not have a party with
a few friends in His Name;
sing songs of praise unto Him and
remind Him of His fame?

Christmas is upon us--those
most glorious of days.
Try not get caught up in the traps
but sing to Him heart-praise!
Even with the ones you love-
make it an endless song!
For He is more than 'seasonal,'
He's all of living long!!

Christmas is upon us.  Don't let the stress of the "season" rob you of the miracle of the Truth!  The Truth is Jesus--and He longs to be part of the celebration!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A few days left

In the few days left before Christmas, I ponder a few statements and thoughts that have been shared with me in some way or another of late.  Amidst all of the controversy, let us make a few declarations...

This night of nights, a King is born!
O listen to creation!
But who could count the signs and wonders
of His celebration?!
Even in the heavens there
to be a brand new star!
There be a song that's never been-
and part of it we are!!

SING, ye every man and woman,
even every child...
SING ye, for your very soul,
His life has reconciled...
SING like you have never sung
as there is none like Him!
SING, I say!  The light of Jesus
shall not EVER dim!

This night of nights.  We celebrate!
For He is worthy of
the adoration from the depths
because of His great love!
Worthy, as He comes to save us!
Worthy--HE IS KING!
Worthy, He is GOD WITH US,
and He is everything!

Night of nights. O bow the head
in humble adoration,
as the voice is raised in praise,
raised in celebration!

Don't let merchandising drown it out!
Don't let greed snuff it out!
Don't let anger steal it!
Don't let pain distract from it!
There is so much in this life to prevent us from celebrating Jesus.  DON'T LET IT!  Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Peace. True Peace!

Luke 2:14
Peace on earth.  Good will toward men.
Peace on earth.  Good will toward THIS day and age?!  Have you seen the news tonight?!

Jesus is alive and well
and reaching for us ever!
He shines above this life and He
abandons our sides never!
His eyes, for they see everything,
even that which He abhors;
and in this season of His birth
the worship of Him roars!

As life occurs, our lives go on
and His we celebrate;
this King that's come to set us free
and seal our final fate!
This King that's come--the ONLY Savior
from the sin we're in!
Angels ring that anthem out:

Jesus Christ, so beautiful,
so selfless is to come,
knowing sure His purpose and
secure about the sum!
Celebrate Him, worship Him,
o thank Him without end!
Peace on earth.  Enjoy it.
For it may not last, my friend.

Peace on earth WILL NOT last.
Peace in the heart WILL last, and it is only found in Jesus Christ!
Celebrate Him by asking Him to be the Savior of your soul!  There be no better time!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

That Necessary Place

That secret place.
It is a very necessary place, especially this time of year.  It is so easy to get caught up in all that the world makes of Christmas and miss the most important part!
Don't let it!

Again, the speed of life affects;
o let us get away!
The hours are so taken up-
filled be every day!
I've got to get unto that place
that God alone attends;
I've got to spend time with Him there
because He calls me "friend."

In this secret place there is
no thing that's not allowed.
I can tell Him anything
without a nosy crowd.
I have assurance what is said
will be repeated not;
so is that blest relationship
the Lord and I have got.

Refreshing and revitalizing
is that secret place.
After all is talked about
I look into His face
and He that He has heard me,
He listened to me, too.
I receive what He says back
to grow...restore...renew.

This time of year will get very hectic.  All the more important for each of us to find that secret place to spend that special time with Jesus.  He will make sure you still get everything done.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

What's it all about, anyway?

Christmas is getting closer. 
Anticipation of celebrating Him, or expectation of presents that someone probably stressed out purchasing?
Anticipating gathering with family and friends, or dreading seeing "them" again?  Or how about "hoping" to see or hear from them again.
Let's not forget, IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS!!
Life--it is still happening,
and choosing its own speed.
Happening at its own will?
Will anything impede?
Ah...but there is One alone,
and He is in control!
He is aware of ALL of life,
and He knows EVERY soul!

Not matter what the speed may seem-

how very fast or slow-
evidence of Jesus' hand
is certainly to know!
He is right here...He is right there...
He is not letting go!
We live in HIS security-
His embrace we know.
Even when is tragedy,
and things don't go our way,
He hasn't left...He will not leave...
He's at our side to stay!
He's even to escort us through
what "comfort" cannot touch;
He's even to embrace us through-
regardless of how much!

Even in a season when

so many celebrate,
the joy of Jesus Christ Himself
will help us to relate.
Yes, life--it is still happening--
O let His Presence fill your life,
His victory be known!

Closer to the day of His birth.
Closer to those situations and memories that hurt?  Hold them up and say
"Lord, I present these hurts and pains to You.  Please take the sting of them from me and replace it with Your healing and Your ability to grow and help others through the same.
In JESUS' Name,
God is faithful.  Trust Him.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Gift

What a wonderful time.
Among other things, Christmas is truly a heart-check for a lot of us.

Christmas--what a precious gift

from Father God with love!
There is a cycle to complete
He gives to us abundantly,
His store is never gone,
but He expects us to take some
and freely pass it on.

Christmas.  Yes, that precious gift.

Material always?
But no!  And even with the Lord--
His ways are not our ways!
There are so many ways to give
unto the ones around.
Look about you with the heart
and new ways will be found!
For many is not everything;
mere time so many need.
Find your neighbor, visit with them,
you can intercede!
So many are so lonely...
so busy some remain...
reach out to them...sit down with them...
a friend you just may gain.

Christmas--o so beautiful

when seen beyond the stress!
It's all about a Savior come
to love, to save, to bless!
Help Him to by being you--
Christmas as a precious gift
you just may come to find!

Christmas.  The season of giving.  And not necessarily things purchased.  Give from the heart, and you will receive in so many ways!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Secure Christmas

A lot is going on in this wide world.
Not everyone stops what they are doing during Christmas time.  Some wait until this time of year to do what they've never done before.  That's not always good.
But God is good.

"You make all things beautiful,
all things are in Your hand;
even that which we may not like,
or may not understand.
You do so because You know all things,
(even that not yet here;)
in all that are the Christmas truths
Your confidence is clear.

Oh God, the miracle of Jesus
is still to fascinate!
The Truth of Christ and all His purposes
remains so great!
The miracle relating us
to You is so alive!
The life of Christ inside our hearts
assures we will arrive!

Lord, You make all things beautiful-
though this life may disagree.
Not everything is comfortable
but it's best for such as we.
We cling to these truths as we're
celebrating Jesus' birth.
In Him we are all beautiful
and so obtain true worth!"

Those of us who love God and are born of Jesus look forward to this time of year.  At the same time, those who hate, revile and deny Him also look forward to it.
Stand firm.  Keep Jesus central to your celebration, and love one another.  For by such will men know that we are His...and maybe just desire to do the same.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mixed emotions

Celebrating Jesus this time of year.
Giving and receiving things from the heart in His honor and in His Name.
Embracing loved ones like never before, and reaffirming those bonds for one another.
And then we watch the evening news...

So beautiful, so wonderful,
so present in this place!
Whenever whatever happens,
He's right there with His grace!
I hear so often "Where was God
when this or that went down?"
He is right there in the midst to share
each grief, each tear, each frown.
He even hears the ones who blame Him
for the tragedy.
He embraces them that hate Him
for such atrocity!
He wraps His arms around the ones
who cannot understand
providing them a canopy
inside His mighty hand!

So beautiful?  So wonderful?

Well...maybe not right now.
BUT GOD will use this for His glory
and our good somehow.
Go forward from this!  Do not stay,
but surely move along.
Wherever you say "Where is God?"
there will surely be a song.

The anger.  The pain.  The desire for revenge.  It's all normal.  But it takes an abnormal faith to forgive, move on and help others recover.

As we celebrate Him at this time, can we again ask "What Would Jesus Do?"?

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The sounding joy of love!

The sounding joy.

Sing, O sing the glory of
the season that is nigh!
Even be it longer than
mere "seasonal" we cry!
Be it a very way of life--
daily...constant...not ending!
Jesus Christ--He is alive--
and constantly so giving!

Sing that glory song alive--
that song of Christ the King!
Join angelic choruses
as, constantly, they sing!
The planets, stars and all creation
knows that living song,
and those who know Him in their hearts
shall sing forever long!

Repeat, repeat the sounding joy
that all creation knows!
Give.  O give ye from the heart
whence His own goodness grows!
Know His giving in the same
that causes that blest song!
Love your neighbor, help your neighbor,
move that song along!

As we celebrate Him, may we be known as He told us to: by the love we show.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Perfect Gift

Generations come and go.
Promises made are so far in the past that they've been forgotten.
But God did not forget!

The tired, dry and even dead

now have a song to sing!
The generations come before-
they now have everything!
The stars and planets even have
a symphony to share:
for God Himself has come to earth
as Man to show His care!

O sing out, all ye living,
for Jesus is alive!
Redemption that is absolute
to finally arrive!
The Person of Almighty God
to finally walk beside!
Oh join your heart unto His Own,
in there will He abide!

The dry and dead and all the lacking
now have Advocate.
Christmas--it is so much more
than something we can "get!"
It is living!  It is Life
as we have never known!
Christmas--He is Jesus Christ!
Make Him your very own!!

Jesus Christ.
The perfect Gift from The Perfect Father!  Only One.  He has NEVER forgotten you!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Too Early!!

The end of November.
One more batch of leaves to burn before the evidence of fall is gone.

Winter on the landscape...

before the fall is done?!
Some face the day with dreadful pain
while others have great fun!
Life ignores a calendar-
the months...the weeks...the days...
For God, the Maker of all life-
His ways are not our ways!

How to enjoy the days that are,
(though some be painful so!)
But glorify The Maker and,
that 'fun' you just may know!
You just may be prevented from
the task that is at hand,
but there may be a greater blessing
you will understand.

Winter in so many senses
weeks before its time.
Life abounds, regardless of
the hills it has to climb.
Glorify the Father, though,
the Maker of it all.
Continues He for to provide--
He is our Wherewithal!

So many plans for the day.  You already have the time set for the what and the where.  Are you so rigid that God cannot interrupt that set schedule for something that HE might have planned?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Calendar limitations?

To celebrate Christmas, we give and we are generous toward our fellow man.
Is such merely "seasonal?"

"Christmas on the calendar,
yes, Christmas in the air.
Christmas in the world, o Lord,
and YOU are everywhere!

Help me do what I seldom do
throughout the season's race:
help me to share all that I have,
and do so with Your grace.
I need to come to You at first,
Lord, with that "shopping list"
and ask that You would help me bless
the lesser that exist.
At that I even must repent,
there be no "lesser" one!
Just show me who to bless, o Lord,
and seek "Your will be done!"
There is so much that's happening
with friend and family;
such will be done, but may a stranger
join our jubilee!

We CAN do that as we reach out
to them that we know not.
I CAN do that because, so much,
I have already got!
Your care and generosity
in EVERY time of year!
I must be giving to ALL men--
help me so persevere.

Christmas on the calendar.  But may "Christmas" giving be a way of life every hour of every day!  May we live in celebration and adoration of Jesus by living each day, GIVING His love each day as He has called us to do.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Speed of Life

The busier I get, the less I get done...
The faster I go, the less I progress...
The Bible?!  I don't have time to read that.  I'll hear it on Sunday anyway...
Prayer?  God knows my heart and the Holy Spirit can read my mind...

I cannot stop to pick him up,
appointments won't allow...
to get into a conversation--
I cannot see how...
I don't have time to listen to
that man that said "Hello..."
Have I too many things to do
to really get to know?

Who are those people growing up
before my very eyes?
It seems each time I stop and look
they are another size!
Who is that woman in my home?
Her beauty changes not,
but if I have to ask these, what
priorities have I got?

"O where did I ignore that compass
keeping me on track?
Each chapter and each verse of such--
Lord, have I been that slack?
Stable me again upon
that course that prospers all:
where I am guided by Your Spirit--
answering Your call."

Repentance.  It MUST be from the heart!  It MUST start in the home.  It MUST be done if I am to be effective at all...ANYWHERE!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How we are

The Waiting Room.  No one is immune.  Not one of us make it through life without being here.  For some of us, it is a monthly occurrence!  What do you do...

Once more in a crowd.
Try not to be loud.
They all hear my voices.
There are not many choices.
No one wants to be here
in countenances clear.
But such is part of life
until there is no strife.

The crowd intensifies.
Do not look in the eyes!
Anonymous remain.
Relationships cause pain!
"Just wait...your name to call...
avoid ye one and all."
That's just the way we are
in offices afar.

What is compassion for?
We need each other more!
Especially in THIS place--
uncertainty to face.
Reach out, a hand to hold;
look into eyes with care
and listen to one share.

Not one of us is immune to this place.  Nor are we immune to the emotions involved.  Each of us knows how to make this place easier on each other.
Listen.  Feel.  Share.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Blind Christmas!

O when is no more sign to wear
to label one somehow?
Why can't the birth of Jesus rid us
of such even now?
Listen to the celebration,
join in and rejoice;
decide to cite this wondrous day!
Yes, it is a choice!

O choose to give all glory to
the One and only King!
Choose to hear the festive carols,
yes, and choose to sing!
Choose to GIVE ye, even if
there's nothing in return!
Yes, it is a choice, and GOD
will see to a return!

Choosing what to give--is it
an issue in the least?
Just because you've given means
that you will be increased!
But give ye in the love of Jesus
Whom we celebrate!
He is beyond the signs and labels
lesser men create.

So much has become of this time of year.  So much certain people make of this time of year.  What more beautiful gift could there be than ALL PEOPLE gathering as one to Celebrate Jesus?
What a glorious gift that would be!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Celebrate instead!

After several days of prayers...doctors...more prayers...trip to Little Rock...more prayers...whew!!
However, God IS in complete control of all of that.  Let our focus be instead upon celebrating Jesus Christ our Savior and His approaching birthday!

"O Lord, it's YOU we celebrate
with festive adoration!
Your birthday, Lord, become a season
and joy's culmination!
The gladness that You generate
in this life and beyond;
Jesus, Jesus Christ the King,
of You we are so fond!"

reverence to the King!
How many are the voices, of
His holiness, to sing?
O the glory song alive
and sounding through creation!
Celebrate ye--knowing to
the King you have relation!

"O worthy, ye, Lord, of all praise
in sermon and in song!!
Christ--the heart collector; say,
but where does ours belong?
NOT just a season...just tradition...
just mere holidays...
O Lord, You are THE Way of Life
and so alive always!"

And so alive always!
Not just during Christmas.  Not just during the holidays.  ALWAYS!!
Jesus deserves the adoration and celebration called "CHRISTMAS!"  For He is the only One to accomplish all that Christmas is only the beginning of!