Sunday, November 6, 2016

What a Friend!!

And quite a bit more than a friend, but that's what He wants to be first and foremost.  Of course, there is quite a list of all that He is and will be in your life, but He wants to be your FRIEND, as well...

A Friend like not another-
Jesus, Lord to me!
There's not a thing He doesn't know,
and all things can He be!
Everything that's necessary
has He or He'll obtain!
O give your heart to Him in whole
and ALL shall be your gain!

A Friend like not another,
oh, but closer though!
Even closer than a brother
will you come to know!
Not only your Provider, but
companion to no end!
Yes, His Name is Jesus--He is
closer than a friend!

A Friend like not another--
but how can words explain?
For it is quite impossible
mere 'language' to explain!
One must but "experience"
that Christ reality
for to know that "friendship" that
is known to such as we!

Yes, and so much more than a friend!  Get to know Jesus!  GET TO KNOW JESUS, MY FRIEND!  He is the greatest thing that will ever happen to you!
Just ask Him!


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