Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This City

Walking alone.  Early evening.  So many people...so many issues...so many ________.  But only ONE Answer!

I do not know this city...
I do not know this street...
I know the One Who knows each one, though,
and knows them complete!
There's nothing hidden from Him,
(even when it's hidden!)
He sees all of the goodness and
He sees what is forbidden.

I'm visiting this city.

I do not know it well.
I do not have to live in fear, though,
I will live to tell!
The Same to know each citizen
in this town to reside,
He is my own Protector, and
He lives so deep inside!

He knows so well this city,

He knows each resident.
He calls to each and every heart
to love, to serve, repent.
His offer is to every man-
the station matters not;
whatever be the lack, the need,
this Jesus, He has got!

I do not know this city,

but God, He knows it well!
And every need of every man
but truly He can tell!
And He calls each one to Himself
to meet that crucial need.
O city, turn your hearts to God,
He loves you, yes indeed!!

An evening walk in a foreign place.  Made familiar as I look at it through the eyes of Jesus.  May they observe Him in my eyes as I visit, bringing Life alive!


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