Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Waiting Room

Once more inside a place;
concern on every face.
The reasons be so vast;
no issue unsurpassed!

All people in this place
be loved out of One grace!
So various the needs,
but, oh, for such He bleeds!

No matter why they're here,
God's grace to persevere!
His love--it covers all--
He IS The Wherewithal!

So many in this place.
So glorious, God's grace!
His arms, for they surround
and make each person sound.

Alone inside this place.
How can His living Grace
be seen and felt and heard?
One word!

The waiting room at the hospital.  Just by looking around at faces, one can distinguish the severity of the visit.  That pain can be soothed by a word, a glance, a touch.  Don't be afraid to do what you are called to.

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