Thursday, November 3, 2016


Early in the morning.  Barely a breeze...

Only have the wind chimes any motion;

and that because so distant I can hear...
For there be such a stillness in the morning-
the trees aren't even waving, far or near!
Perfect peace as I walk with my Father.
He greets me with "Good morning, precious son!"
I worship Him and savor His creation
before intercourse of all that must be done.

He points out His creation to the east of me:
the rolling hills and trees go on and on...
He shows me His creation to the west of me
the ocean--o so restless in the dawn!
He minds of His creation as He looks at me:
a brand new person with a brand new heart!
And I am minded of a truth so valuable:
He gives to all His Own a brand new start!

In the stillness of an autumn morning;
the silence of a bright November coast...
the movement of the ever-restless ocean...
o but more--the movement of Holy Ghost!
Time doesn't matter with this life communing,
it disappears as we discuss the day;
even all creation bows as I'm with
Jesus Christ--the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Time with Jesus in the glory of His creation.  He knows what the day contains, so He provides all we need to see us through.  Don't take any of it for granted.


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